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  1. Friends of ours living there recommended we stay in richmond when we go in November. Check out stayz for apartments etc.
  2. Yep! To many a level 2 NVQ trumps 30 years of experience all day long.
  3. "Taught" by another fucking halfmon no doubt!
  4. There is no legal requirement however having one proves (in theory) the person has basic competency which is what contractors need so they can say 'yeah I know he was a thick cunt but he showede a cscs card so I did my bit'. It's fuck all to do with improving skills. Arse covering and money making cartel. Imagine if you had to resit your driving test every few years and if you failed your chances of working dropped overnight. It's a fucking con.
  5. I failed my supervisor one which I only did under protest so revision was nil. Knew I'd got a load wrong on scaffolding regs. Why the fuck would a groundworker give a fuck about distances between lumps of metal? We get nosebleeds above dpc. Needless to say I never bothered going back. It's a fucking con. Same week a few Polish lads passed their operatives one, in Polish, but then did a site induction in English. Yet they couldn't speak a fucking word of it. Safety nazi, some half mon straight from uni asked me about my supervisor test. He got a fuck off pill. In Polish.
  6. http://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/15073741.Bolton_Against_Fracking_protesters__joy_as_firm_terminates_controversial_contract/ Saw this lot this morning. What a set of scruffy cunt. Fucking disgrace they can get away with blockading a company going about it's business simply because they don't agree with it.
  7. One is a contact sport the other a collision sport. That game Sweep keeps mentioning was the worse game of league I've ever seen too. It happens sometimes.
  8. It's to stop fat lads spending 20 minutes rolling on top of each other in a repeated series of monotonous semi-homoerotic bodily masses, boring the fuck out of everyone. In fairness it does mean Herbert and Hugo don't miss much whilst quaffing champers and wanking each other off with share prices and hedge funds. 6 tackles and either do something positive or you're defending the next 6.
  9. Becuase there are none, not even the referees know, he only blows his whistle when he thinks the fat lads need a breather but there's going to be a shit load of armchair wankers who think they know abouy it because they played rugger at school once.
  10. What's the best scientific way of getting jizz off an ipad screen?
  11. I've got some tarmac left over from a job if you need your drive doing ???????? PM sent.
  12. Like kings head v red lion at last orders on a Friday night. ????
  13. We've lost a top bloke today. Live life lads and lasses. Rest easy Pud. Sleep well mate.
  14. Did you flick your man yoghurt in the Dutch birds direction?
  15. Any more than 4 and he'd be in prolapse.
  16. Mid teens, fuck aye, easily getting my 5 a day. Had one on a bus once.
  17. Spider has already made a bid for Halliwell and Jonny Fow so he can flatten it and build an even bigger mansion.
  18. Is your helipad finished yet? Mines taking ages. Chopped a few ancient oak trees down and some twat with a beard started whining about owls or sommat.
  19. We had a site in Salford next door to a fracking site undergoing tests. Holding up our works every day as the road lead to the fracking site. Not a bar of soap between them. Professional protesters and ignorant wankers to a man woman and manky dog.
  20. Which would probably piss Phil Gartside off and bring a wry smile to Puds face!!
  21. That made be chuckle. Mon! ????????
  22. There simply not enough brownfield land to meet the supply demands. Folk living longer, people living alone, divorces, immigration...overall demographical changes mean the country needs more houses. The problem I have with it is successive governments haven't invested in the infrastructure around it to serve that demand.
  23. Your talking shit. Much of the affordable housing, designated under planning law and approvals, is either funded and controlled by housing associations or passed over to them either at cost or FOC by those greedy bastard developers who top up your pension with their taxes. The stock is then either sold to FTB, many via HTB or rented out. The rest done by private developers within their own schemes are sold to FTB or those with low incomes on HTB. The build cost is massively subsidised by profits made from rich greedy bastards who buy the big houses which then allows the affordable ones to be provided. Over 150000 help to buy deals have been done since 2013 with 80% of them to FTB. The days of spec landlords coming in and buying up whole blocks of flats stopped in 2004 which is where the housing crash started.
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