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  1. That's one way of looking at it. Another way is folk who don't have a whopping civil service pension to rely on and retire during normal working age to the rest of working society, use the B2L market as their own pension with their own investment risk and reward, getting spanked with scum tenants who spend their housing benefit on ale and fags running up at least 6 months debt before you can get shut of the sponging low life cunts along the way.
  2. Very simplistic I know as its not easy to just roll up and do it without some mad dictator or stone age tribe wanting to chop your head off regardless, but the combined costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars (courtesy of dinnertime google - £10bn and £37bn to the UK alone and 3 trillion dollars to the US) is a fuckload of money. Had that gone on improving hearts, minds, infrastructure, education, aid etc - would there be a million* people wanting to blow normal people up and would the world be a better place? *rough guess - you get the picture...
  3. Hard to disagree when farces like that arise but its an extreme example. On the other hand if it encourages people (and women) out of the Stone Age then its perhaps not a bad thing - just executed (pardon the pun) badly.
  4. Unless he's catholic and living in a hut.
  5. Sorry if it seems like I'm only picking up your posts but it is in our interests to have a historic and political ally on the other side of the world with big guns and stuff - especially one with a massive economy. I'd agree about corruption though, there must be some backdoor money disappearing in some dodgy regimes. Somewhat hypocritically, I don't give any money to charities doing good abroad, Red Cross, Oxfam, etc - as Maggie Tait once wrote, 'its not money they need its condoms' but that's another discussion.
  6. Depends if you see it as an investment or a cost. As an investment, it creates more income which creates more tax. It only becomes a cost if it is a capital or costs of sales cost - if its becomes a burden then you do away with it - either way they fluctuate depending on growth or decline. Both instances can be supported by investment. So if we invest x with y and it creates income of x+z, then its an investment worth making and not a cost.
  7. When I'm keeping a customer happy I sometimes take them out for a meal or give money to their nominated charity. In return it keeps a relationship friendly and productive. Multiply that by a zillion and there's not really much difference.
  8. Not actually had a car nicked nor did I watch any Olympic sprints so couldn't confirm or deny either. Point I was making is despite one being fact and the other being discriminatory there is a fucked up muddle in between which some people get confused with and some people use it for their own political agenda. As I said though, I'm not losing anything by not being able to call them a black xyz and can't see why anyone else is. Well not normal people anyway.
  9. Probably in most of their DNA to NGAF. Not their cost not their worry.
  10. The guy who nicked my car was probably black. The guy who ran 100m in 9 seconds to win Olympic gold was probably black. Same sunbconious assessment with two totally different outcomes because one of them is discriminatory. Why can't we call folk black? Because it's just not right and I'm not missing much in not having the right to do so. But a conclusion that black men make better spinters than they do swimmers is a proven fact. Every 4 years in fact. Is it racist to think that? No more than concluding white men are better swimmers than they are sprinters. But there are some who fuck this whole debate about racial issues up as much as the kkk do, who wouldn't agree.
  11. Euthanasia is the answer. Seriously. If you asked everyone tomorrow of fit state and mind to sign an agreement that once they are bed ridden or can't wipe their own arse let alone feed themselves then they can be put down like you would with a suffering animal. I'm sure there will be a few minor legal technicalities to iron out but let's not let that get in the way of anything.
  12. I had chronic manflu over the weekend. Snot and everything. But like a brave solider I managed by lying on the couch dressed like a slob pointing at things like an empty cup or remote control. I survived. And didn't need to put it on Facebook or get the doctor out for it. #mon
  13. Indeed and saddled it will billions of unsustainable PFI debt too. I actually agree with Fred though, once the animal is out of control it will become unfixale and I'd like to think we should measure our social standards by having good health care. Maybe folk clogging it up through either their own stupidity or not wanting to buy their own paracetamol would help. And mardy arsed who need nowt more than a bandage and bag of ice. But no they want to be dramatic snthey can post on Facebook how they were rushed to A&E with a sprained ankle. Fuck off! If you can't walk on it after a week the aye. Maybe that would help look after those that really need it?
  14. In fucking one. He created this fuck up firstly by promising one without any thought of how it would pan out if the vote went tits, and secondly by having his arse handed to him at his 'I'll show them' negotiations with the EU. We'd have been better off sending The Krankies.
  15. Life is shit and unfair. Many people do not get paid what their importance is. Nor do some earn what their effort deserves. A brain fixer or even a nurse cleaning up shit and piss should earn more than a footballer. But they don't. And the reasons are simple. I didn't make those rules, it's just the way it is and it won't ever change.
  16. No. I understood the point perfectly. It was just shit. What they do, as good a service as it is, sometimes, is a paid role within the civil service for which we have absolutely no way of not paying for. We have no choice. We have to pay tax and they get paid a wage relative to their skills. Now, did you understand why people won't pay money to watch them work which is why they don't earn as much as a footballer?
  17. It would register somewhere between the 'that's my 3rd piss of the night' and 'there's fuck all on telly tonight' on the annoyance scale. I'm more annoyed at them being on the road during morning rush hour and sat in the pub come 2pm, to be honest. Alas, it's got fuck all to do with stunting the sustainability of a civilised and vibrant economy.
  18. Footballers do earn obscene money. But nobody pays £90 to watch a binman go to work for 90 minutes or pays millions for him to wear his clothing.
  19. You'd think he grew out of his 'head full of fluffy idealistic shit' mode when he left university. Most normal people do. Can you imagine a cunt like this dealing with world trade leaders and investors? 'Yeah, come to the UK, bring your highly experienced and talented staff full of innovation and creativity as we have lots of opportunity for them, providing they are happy to earn a fraction of what they can earn in any other developed country'. Then says he doesn't want low skilled migrants, preferring to encourage local labour markets?! Like the million that are here who took the jobs a million lazy Brits couldn't be arsed doing because his socialist Government previously set the benefits bar too high, allowing them to sit and home doing fuck all. Fucking cuckoo land. I'd sooner have Jerry fucking Adams as PM than that cunt.
  20. Not my cup of tea and I am surprised BWFC took the gig, but when fascist wankers like this try to stand in the way of democracy - whatever your political persuasion, it makes me actually want to attend out of devilment.
  21. Can't be having that. I'd be needing a piss and a smoke every 15 minutes during the film.
  22. A fucking mess ????????????
  23. Not at all but they could have been done with 'wanted in relation to an alledegd incident'. And do you reckon shit won't stick if they are cleared? Come on... Spose the ticket conductor was doing his job but equally being an officious prick...the train was a minute away, lads are in a rush, all gets mouthy, and the conductor plays once of the worse cards that can be played? Or, they could be a pair of racist pricks who deserve being punished. Either way from the story there is no conclusive evidence which warrants the media condemning them as racists. Would they release a cctv image from my workplace of a bloke walking past one night who we allege has raped the cleaner? No evidence to back it up, we just say he did.
  24. Reet this pair might indeed be numb as fuck racists. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/bolton/15011691.amp It's the word of one person which in turn has meant this pair now have a media witch-hunt against them. It doesn't seem right. The offence is alleged. Nowt more. So in court, if they deny it, and it can't be proven, how do they clear their names?
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