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  1. I've not read all three pages, but if people are sending back STs over Saturdays debacle, their heart wasn't in it anyway, and perhaps being a Bolton fan wasn't for them in the first place. They'll be back when the half season tickets come out at Christmas. Fuck 'em.
  2. Yup. And add to that a captains brain and you've got a world class defender.
  3. You've spoiled it for me now. I'll put my popcorn away.
  4. Grealish sells shirts and hair bands. And that's it.
  5. The one I can’t get out of my head is Der der der der fucking useless.
  6. Shows how shit the service they get is too. Mind you it's hard to give the strikers any service while we're fannying about in our own half with 60 odd% possession. All the things we have been talking about on here and in pubs and at work condensed into an hour and half of expensive shite.
  7. If they’d come up to my seat I’d have told them. Same as every other Bolton fan. We were shit and shit scared. That picture of Santos is the most telling picture in Boltons history. I keep looking at it and doesn’t get any better.
  8. I’ve said this umpteen times on here. And I don’t take any credit for being right, but I can’t see how IE is going to fix even this problem, never mind the bigger problem.
  9. Useless shites. Brilliant.
  10. Me too, I've no interest at all in leccy technology, but I imagine the Fistmaster 3000 would be upgraded to 5000 overnight.
  11. Loft refered to it as Palestine when we were talking to the Asian lads yesterday.
  12. Oh, that cunt. I didn't realise until I saw the news. I've just said to Mrs. F I'll give it a couple of days before Bibi is having to hold his hands up and claim 'not us mate'. I've never forgiven him for standing on my foot. (Netanyahu, not the aforementioned cunt).
  13. Time on the concourse was mine too. I went by pub coach and we parked in the car part about 200 yards from the entrance of the Bobby Moore. Plenty of knowledgeable 'stewards' to help people find their way rather than to shove them about. Room to stand at the Camden bar and get served straight away. There was a lad serving who was a bit of a 'Beaker' he seemed to be decanting bits of froth from one plastic pot to another. Top class beer jugling in my book and great entertainment. Well done beaker.
  14. I got tickets for 506 or so, then they released some more and I changed. Didn’t realise it was the Bobby Moore. Was really impressed and at first we thought we’d got in the wrong section. Very impressive and only the same prices as other tier sections. At my old bloke price of 29 quid it really didn’t matter to me.
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