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  1. I think at this stage of the season it's not shit or bust to anybody. Both will look at the table and think they have a chance. Carlisle will have a decent following and want to give it a go. Stevenage maybe less so, midweek and not a good away following they may put the shutters up later on, but I think they will both be hard games and will both want some beating. Of course I will be more than happy to be on a humble pie tea come Saturday evening.
  2. To be fair, coming to us is their cup final day. Them and a few more 'local' clubs.
  3. Neither Stevenage or Carlisle will come for a draw so we can’t afford to let them settle. Straight into them from the start. Two hard fought wins though.
  4. Away fans also welcome in Farnworth. The Queen’s, Saddle and Three Crowns, and the Flying Shuttle on Highfield Road in particular.
  5. I seem to recall that a minibus load of Newcastle used to turn up at Dukes Gate when they were in the area.
  6. When I saw the result I thought they had played that shithouse Evans and Maguire.
  7. They do indeed. And a nice drop it is too.
  8. I can confirm that FF is not AG. When I saw my arse over the earlier buses I had to find an alternative. I go in the Hulton Arms occasionally so asked about the bus. It was a success so I’m going to go with him again.
  9. Further to this, I booked on a pub bus for Saturdays match, cost 5:50. I got in the pub before one, had a few pints of White Rat at three eighty odd. Bus picked up at 2:00, picked up at another pub, then dropped off at the hotel. Had a couple in there, got to my seat in good time. Picked up from Keoghs after the match and was dropped off back at the pub 5:30 for more White Rat. There is life after Tyrers after all.
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