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  1. Portsmouth haven't lost once yet and Oxford have lost twice, with zero draws. That's what we're competing against, not your magic 2 points per game fairytail bs. Now lets look at something called methodology, how many of those losses etc come after the team has basically won promotion? If we look at our own club in 2016/17 when we won promotion in 2nd place, of the last 5 games: 2 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses. That represents 20% of our entire losses for that season. Looking at overall numbers at the end of the season is meaningless, because it means nothing to the people performing at the time. Where we are now is what matters as it: impacts tactics, player motivation, January transfers, all sorts.
  2. Zog1

    Carlisle (H)

    They're both literally light weight, ball playing central midfielders. While they're not the same, they're all too similar.
  3. Zog1

    Carlisle (H)

    Not sure what you're watching but it certainly isn't what everyone else is lol
  4. Zog1

    Carlisle (H)

    Victors a bit bulkier but that's about the only difference i see, their play is very similar, I think Dion's a better finisher but that's about it.
  5. Zog1

    Carlisle (H)

    Yes, there are loads of examples were they've got in each others way, because they're literally going for the same ball.
  6. Zog1

    Carlisle (H)

    I think what angers people is he seem totally oblivious to it and totally resistant to change.
  7. Zog1

    Carlisle (H)

    Tell me whats the role difference between Morley, Dempsey, Thomason, and Sheehan, Or even between Dion and Victor?
  8. Zog1

    Carlisle (H)

    Again proven right, when i want to be proven wrong. Our wingbacks aren't really the issue, It's with this formation and a structure they'd need to be near premier league quality to do what IE wants them to and with respect to them, they aren't. To couple that we have 4 identical strikers and 4/5 identical central midfielders. It won't work, not only is there role duplication, there's almost no flair or strength in the team. It's totally one dimensional and predictable. I wasn't sure 4/5 months ago that IE has the skill or knowledge to do or think of anything else, i remain to be convinced.
  9. The issue isn't really the start but the ambition/aim and that's automatic promotion this season. When judged against that we're 3rd, so ultimately we're currently failing. I think some people need to understand that to get automatic promotion you need to win almost every game, we haven't done that. So as good as the start has been, we need to be doing even better in the next 10 games. Are we capable? I hope so but only time will tell. If we're not there by the start of next year serious questions need to start being asked.
  10. Wrong. I said "some or even the entire B team" Tell me have you ever heard of hyperbole?
  11. Hey genius "four 'qualifying' outfield players" doesn't contradict what i said. I'm sure even you can do some basic maths, what's 11-4? I was aware of the rule, when i made the comment.
  12. I'd love to be proven wrong, i just so seldom are.
  13. I know thinking doesn't gel well with the happy clappers but wow.
  14. Ok. IE states that he doesn't have an unlimited budget and the small squad is the result of that and that injuries have been an issue. Rest is the number 1 thing you can do to lessen the chance of further injury after the game on Saterday. Yet he's basically picked the same squad as the game on Saterday, risking more players. It doesn't make sense, he can use the some or even the entire B team, all fresh and biting at the bit for an opportunity to prove themselves.
  15. Hear the hammering noise? that's another nail going in.
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