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  1. Think Randell can work in that formation, in a Ricardo Gardner esque role.
  2. Zog1

    The Final

    It's easy, it's like a student getting their essay from ChatGPT, sure they got the essay and maybe tweaked different parts but fundamentally they don't understand the course material. IE is a D grade student trying to recreate the work of A grade ones.
  3. Go! It's been 3 years in league 1 and it should be clear by now, he doesn't have the ability.
  4. Zog1

    The Final

    IE has previously admitted in interviews to trying to ape the way Man City and Liverpool play, his issues are thus: - Your players need to be skilled enough to play that way - Your coaches need to be able to train into this system and they need to be able to bring players into it from scratch(this is the reason behind the "he'll be better after a full preseason" nonsense). It's clear the club doesn't have the pull to bring in either these players or the coaches, with it being in League 1 and having limited resources. Even if IE understands what better managers are doing (which i doubt) fundementally he lacks the above, nothing will change that. Many of the players he has are good or even great at this level...but that's it. To the people saying we've gotten better each year im not sure we have, first year back in League 1 it's mid table, second year we get lucky (if we're honest) with 2 top end loans, we scrape the play offs, and third year it's solid play offs but it's a weaker League 1 and we seem to be getting worse the longer the season went on. He has to go. his arrogance is holding us back.
  5. Zog1

    The Final

    I've been saying it for 2 years lol
  6. Evatt really does have a plan B, shame we had to wait 2 years to see it. Williams and Maghoma both absolutely menacing Barnsley today, Maghoma is a must buy for me. Williams clearly marking himself out as first choice left wingback. Question from me though: Do we still win that 3/1 without the quality of Dion, Santos or Baxter as we had been for big chunks in the second half of the campaign? I'm not convinced, really underlines the fine margins. if we do get promoted i think there's going to have to be some significant investment in certain areas.
  7. Zog1


    The ball has to have left his foot or he's still in possession.
  8. Zog1


    Anyone but us that's offside.
  9. Zog1


    This angle shows a different picture, clearly offside. PS sorry about the quality.
  10. Zog1


    This clown has got to go! Evatt clearly doesn't have the skill to get us out of this league.
  11. Zog1


    We're so shit.
  12. I didn't claim he'd be a Campo lol more of a discount Fabrice Muamba.
  13. Yes, he's the 1 in 4231, i listed the 3.
  14. Gomes would be there if he wasn't injured, so that would make Nlundulu like 3rd choice and more of an impact sub with his pace.
  15. In essence it would be to use his physicality, pace and above average passing to totally disrupt the way other teams play. To play like the defence is his goal and he is a loan defender. This keeps the ball where we need it.
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