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  1. It's off. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-english-football-league-fixtures-to-be-suspended-until-4-april-11956889
  2. Aye, he said he'd seen the aftermath of a shooting, when he got back into town. Oh, & he also said that he was "lashed".
  3. Sorry Boby. In the same way I'm "egg shell blonde", rather than bald.
  4. Wacker junior, top right Of the Sydney whites flag. Behind the lass with the black top on. Next t’bloke with grey hair.
  5. My lad has just sent me this from today.
  6. B.C.G.S.. I was there 78 - 83.
  7. Hogarth's? It's like drinking in Curry's / Dixon's.
  8. The Tap is a quality place. Frequented pre & post match. Found a decent little boozer round the back of Spoons. Good ale. Can't remember what brew I was drinking, as I was already a bit lashed!!
  9. Played along side him for our primary school team. He needed one football and the team needed another. Proper greedy!!
  10. Nah, they were set back from the touchline by about a yard.
  11. Why don't they have flags (similar to the corner flags) situated on the halfway line anymore?
  12. Phil Brown has gone in from 66/1 to 20/1.
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