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  1. I went in what I think was called the White House in Ancoats with Juan Kerr mid 90's. Hell fire, that's all I can say.
  2. You always said you were a magnet for these creatures. There's a lonely bastard been going in Gadi's recently constantly trying to tell me how many internet wimmin he's shagging but he can't make his mind up which to settle down with. As you know, there's not a great deal of places to escape to in there so I had to make the switch to English with, " I don't fucking care ". Hey presto ! Neaw said owt since.
  3. Started with this earlier on and now in middle of episode 3. Victor and the nosy neighbour are freaking me out. Great stuff mind.
  4. I was on that, stopped at a boozer near Stroud I think.
  5. Things that annoy you beyond reason. No. 71. FLATDICKS TENNIS. Why ? There really is no need for all this screaming & groaning other than putting off your opponent. It's ungentlemanly, undignified and damn well out of order. Burn the bitches involved, and we know the ones I'm talking about, for they are not of this world.
  6. So you'd have been in Space City early mid eighties ? Good god.
  7. this http://www.youtube.c...ed/6Aqh11FoYhg"
  8. who can we put on for Sordell in the second half ?
  9. Netanyahu, one in each kneecap, go for a couple of pints, come back and finish the cunt off with the third to his head
  10. Do you think marking books, essays and would be commentaries on social issues is great fun when the lazy teachers have a bit of time off in summer is what they want to do ? Is it fuck. Give them some respect. Strike on !
  11. That, as you know is fucking rubbish. Don't talk with your dick out. He basically condones genocide. Where the fuck do you get that from ? He basically doesn't condones genocide. Are you aware of his work with the Palestinians, who are by the way victims of a genocidal regime. "
  12. What a sad do. Watched this on telly at the time and I must say one of the most disturbing things I've seen. Come on lad. Big up to the medics that day, great job.
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