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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. What 'point'? That celebrities should give to charity? What makes you think that they don't?
  2. Might be worth a watch if it's as good as last years game. Cracking goal by Jonathon Wilkes.
  3. It's not my view. I gave the example of Northern Ireland who to my knowledge have never 'won owt'. Try again.
  4. They shouldn't be taking part because historically their results don't affect qualification one way or another. These fixtures just clog up the football calendar. It's got nothing to do with them being 'minnows'. Northern Ireland fits that description but they have actually qualified for tournaments in the past. When was the last time that Luxembourg qualified for a major tournament?
  5. The comparison with the EPL is ludicrous because teams at the bottom are capable of beating teams at the top but you may as well discount every single one of Andorra's results in this group because they won't get a single point and therefore their presence won't affect the final placings. If they want to compete then they should pre-qualify, so that some of the shite is filtered out before the real qualifying competition starts.
  6. Andorra shouldn't even be in the competition. It's just a complete waste of time even playing them. Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and San Marino should f*ck off as well.
  7. Putney Bridge. Don't make the mistake of going to Fulham Broadway, or you'll end up at Stamford Bridge.
  8. Assuming that it's not on some obscure satellite channel because that bellend Barwick decided that the F.A. would rather screw even more money out of the supporters than give everyone the opportunity to watch it on terrestrial T.V.
  9. Can anyone remember if it was possible to pay at the turnstile last season?
  10. There was a load of camp blokes called the 'Gayvanettes' mincing around in tights on the pitch before the game with Keith Allen. They tried to rope Al Fayed in but he was having none of it and stormed off with a face like thunder. Johnny 'Jackass' Knoxville was one of the dancers and he came over to the BWFC supporters afterwards to pose for photos, sign a few autographs, etc.
  11. I think it's this guy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fake_sheikh
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