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  1. out and in new york , will watch on i follow
  2. if they gave them 5k tickets they would sell them
  3. right the supporters trust have a meeting with him in january, what questions would you like asking. sensible ones please
  4. just got ours , had to queue up!!!!!!
  5. var ref just banked £1 million
  6. going see you at same seats on tuesday
  7. pointless talking of Wembley until you get to the semi's
  8. andy piley is no prince rainier
  9. embankments mob, don't go there or you get a bus pass slicing your cheeks
  10. i blame the diamond traders for putting a bomb in the car for non payment , then getting an Albanian immigrant to drive into him
  11. just asked a couple of mates i used to work with to get 8 tickets , do i sack it off
  12. and players and corporate
  13. apparently "about" 900 went on sale according to woman in the ticket office
  14. the ST have a meeting with NH later in november and will bring this up as something that needs sorting out asap. loyalty or points system.
  15. just messaged ST about this farcical situation. will post reply
  16. we are on a cruise for this , and after last time probably best to miss it.
  17. and should of gone to prison for helping beat a bloke up in southport a few years ago
  18. what is the point of u21 prem teams in this competition , they are kids, money for nothing. can someone upload dire straits please
  19. told you the food was for james who unfortunately is dale vince's bitch
  20. Just got ours, they are small so if ordering on line go at least one size up from normal.
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