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  1. Great to see team bonding after last week, wish I knew how to post a picture
  2. Whole team and manager playing darts
  3. cruise loyalty points come with £'s spent. if BWFC want to go down that route a few of us should have free tickets for life and first dabs at away tickets.......
  4. elvis met some Norwegians in manc pre match on saturday who used to come to home games when watching the filth, they were going to blackburn , but said they would come back to watch us , take it they couldn't just rock up and buy a ticket , how long before a game do you need to be a member? if this is a supporters trust idea ...........FUCK OFF
  5. hope he doesn't get sacked, doing a great job
  6. in those days Liverpool was a scary place , today it's a tourist attraction.
  7. apparently did 2 tangerines in 5 minutes
  8. update..........no he didn't get half time beers in tight get, making young people buy their parent's half time libations
  9. if he plays against us in the cup , i hope he gets a great response as he helped up us on our way back.
  10. he has pampas grass in his front garden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. will be interesting to see if he gets the half time pints in to tomorrow , he's won it twice in a month. been in since 1984, won about £50 in total , worse odds than the lottery
  12. he's a fucking pain in the arse at times
  13. part timer , but i've been before, good luck to those going, unfortunately another defeat
  14. if police bill isn't an issue , they will just move crazy corner down one block , like wsl will kick off however many they bring
  15. to lose to wigan , no capitulate to them is unforgivable
  16. on this occasion he is correct
  17. today was the worst result in living memory worse than black sunday , worse than stoke at wembley. as someone already said i.e stop bulling us up as the best team , clearly we are not. only positive from today was reflections bar , and even that needs tweaking bit.
  18. it will be like carry on up the kyber. too many locals now follow both manc teams strategic withdrawal to lucianos for late breakfast ,before reflections.
  19. supposed to be taking over westhoughton and chorley pre match
  20. exactly , whats wrong with good old john smiths and carling 🪖
  21. yeh but he doesn't look it !!!!!!!!!!
  22. why is it on itv ? thought it was bt and bbc
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