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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. someone else put up figures last week saying preston were the lowest away fans, no way Bournemouth took that many
  2. best part of the ground next season
  3. apart from the one against plymouth, when you were holding open the centre spread of a porno mag whilst trying to sing you'll never walk alone🙄
  4. 1980 only took about 5-600 , first season in prem 95 , we didn't get any tickets because of building red nose stand, we didn;t sell out for our last 3 visits to OT.
  5. Is that the time you get up for your second wee of the night
  6. Got off in Bolton, howfen train had already gone, went to the York with casino for a beer, next train delayed so got on next train to Horwich parkway, only it didn’t stop, so got off and had more beer in Preston. Got back at11.15pm
  7. we ended up in preston, both very pissed.
  8. don't ask how the colonel is today!!!!!!
  9. i'm not going to any arty farty breweries ,
  10. missed it as having a pee, but did the accrington kids get the better of our kids after the game ?
  11. the actual people through the turnstiles for the game was 5500 inc away fans. won't say the source but absolutely true
  12. i was at the front when the cordon was broken, second line copper pushed me back , shouting get back, i said to him i'm old enough to be your dad, would you push your dad like that , he let me through then.
  13. it's not an auction , why leave it to the last minute
  14. No wonder we nearly went bust😊
  15. upgrading the cobbles in the town centre, so the coaches will be getting the old ones through the windows
  16. i've been seconded to the RCG mob for this game only.
  17. my dad took me as he was my favourite player, i was 13, i know it's mothers day and i miss my mum every day , but thank you dad for making me and my lads bolton forever.
  18. he made his debut at bramhall lane
  19. RIP Al Mather a great bloke , a true wanderer. I hope the club recognise what he did to unite and help fans and families of our great club.
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