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  1. The last 3 transfer windows have been rubbish, the squad is worse. he’s signed nudreluv (or however you spell it) Jerome , Vic and Collins, you can’t make so many poor signings, (Collins not playing in his preferred position) as well as too many light weight midfielders and wingbacks. certain people call me for having had enough of the shit sideways passing it only works against clueless teams , we’ve been well and truly found out. how many season tickets will we sell for another year in this crap league
  2. That doesn’t happen anymore
  3. Got strange voices in your head
  4. Rubbish, to slow again , passing is appalling
  5. We are on a poor run. get santos back , hopefully go on a 6-7 game of wins again, it will be close, fingers crossed we can go up
  6. Anthill mob has more youth than dad’s army x 10
  7. Pretty sure this was posted at the time
  8. Radcliffe’s colonel! I would never believed that ! And he’s from Westhoughton.bury and Westhoughton collaboration, some on here would want to see that
  9. I’ve seen us win at derby and hull, never at Rotherham. How young are you
  10. Games in hand mean nothing, points on the board are all that matters, 75-76, 76-77 are still in my memory, both seasons bottled it
  11. That’s a great idea, I’ll join in next home game
  12. Too many , loyalty scheme needed
  13. Absolute cock jockeys, wouldn’t let us through the cordon, but others just walked through. Copper pushed me backwards, didn’t like it when I pushed him back, another got hold of me , if my lads hadn’t separated me from them I would have been arrested. So do the detour and it kicks off . Exactly what someone said , justifying no extra tickets.
  14. Who frightened off mr grey?
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