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  1. Must have drawn a fair few then?
  2. All about the result and huge Saturday with derby at Barnsley as well. great to see such good players coming on as subs - really strong squad with more coming back
  3. Into Manchester isn’t too bad, but anyway out then is
  4. That 15 minute difference is massive coming from Stockport. either way around the m60 is crap could leave after 6-30 for an 8 and miss all the traffic - not anymore……
  5. Ballsed up defensively today and that’s cost us. thought we created a lot and scoring 3 at home should be enough. santos back that doesn’t happen. really big week with these 3 aways and 2 games in hand. barnsley v derby next Saturday as well
  6. Vic and Charles to start - Collins sub hopefully toal fit, forrester might be ready for next week if only started training today. West Brom lad in. thought ashworth was decent last week.
  7. Sheehan was a different level and ashworth’s best game for us. sloppy for first 20 minutes of the second half until they scored, but strangely we then kicked on and they didn’t. great result and team performance
  8. Quite right too given how many we gave them and the small allocation they had initially given us. Plus they have an empty terrace - so why not make a few quid !
  9. Is that small terrace behind the goal ever used ?
  10. So so sad. rest in peace
  11. Retain the trophy ( few good ones out tonight) and promotion for me - not bothered about fa cup in all honesty
  12. There just used to be a list for each season and they would allocate you a game - had to sort your own tickets, travel etc junior did wolves, Leeds, spurs (muamba day) and Blackburn away
  13. We can’t get on at Stockport either, so we need to go into manc to come out again !
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