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  1. But its only any good if it’s your away end……….
  2. Played poorly and stayed in the tie. It’s now a 1 game shoot out. we won’t play that poorly again, so for me they really did miss an opportunity. score first - we win they score first we don’t simple
  3. The cookies thing did work - but why in gods earth it needed that I don’t know. one of my devices still hasn’t got in.
  4. From memory it was the game link
  5. Why on earth have a pre queue - should open at 10 end of
  6. Exactly - that’s what Barnsley do
  7. Can’t afford to go 1 behind to these. more tricks up their sleeve than Paul daniels. 2-0
  8. On the face of it we can probably count on 1 hand the amount of times we have actually turned up for a large part of the game. we have had good spells (15 minutes or so), but unlike the top 4 we haven’t been playing teams off the park. we can’t cope with the ta tics of teams near the bottom, we have struggled against top sides and therefore in reality, if we did go up it could well be a long hard season. look at Wigan and Rotherham and also forest green in our league. We have missed 5 1 v 1s in the last 2 matches and scored 6 in the last 7. not really promotion form. as much as I want us to get in the play offs and get promoted, are we really ready ………
  9. Any win will do, to take us to the verge
  10. Mj and Bradley outstanding created a lot of chances second half similar to burton - my concern is get in the play offs against top teams and all the missed chances cost us. watched the papa johns highlights last night and taking 2 of your first 3 chances takes the wind out of the opposition. for all the good work we did yesterday, one deflection or balls up late on costs you.
  11. I bet Barnsley will rest players as they will have missed out on automatic and safe in the play offs.
  12. 4 points from 2 aways and as good a haul as teams around us. really need 7 if not 9 from these 3 home games and then buckle up for the play offs.
  13. Think I saw 850 this morning
  14. Look how Lee bowyer was with his case he was like a man possessed. woodgate on the other hand was a broken man. different people react to things in different ways
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