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  1. Fair summary that - we just need to remember how far we have come and not get carried away.
  2. He didn’t seem happy it was a penalty did he ??🤣
  3. Manager can’t last much longer can he after today ..........
  4. Not being able to get in the hotel at 1-40 gets on my nerves. 30 minutes queue for a carling at the bowling alley gets on my nerves. ok we lost, but possession, shots and corners were better than them. we switched off at 2 set pieces, great finish for the first. we won’t win the league and the way we have started, folk seem to think we will get promoted. wake up, we will be fine and finish top half.
  5. Queue busters are always the way forward for half time pints.
  6. Checked again today, trains are wank. Loads of changes and expensive even with a railcard.
  7. marple whites


    About effing time, should have been last season and then they would have been relegated.
  8. Really enjoy reading these. good work.
  9. Tranmere v Salford this weekend - now that’s a dilemma as to who I want to win !
  10. this with bells on. Virtually in the middle at the back of the esl - since the stadium opened. cant beat it, great view and atmosphere.
  11. Be surprised if they sell another 600 in the next few days
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