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  1. Took longer than I thought - but 12-30 will inconvenience a fair few
  2. Why not give young Luke Hutchinson a try - surely can’t be any worse than Dixon. Seemed to make some good saves warming up at fleetwood on Saturday.
  3. Job done. Bit sloppy at times. thought tool did ok. dapo and sadlier good again. shame Charles couldn’t have had that nice easy tap in. dixon…………… nothing else to say.
  4. Was certainly hoping for Barnsley on the train
  5. Took a few gos, but in. Me, junior, Boltomore +1
  6. And we need to do well in those 3 as derby, Lincoln, Barnsley will be tough
  7. Sadlier has to start, as does Sheehan and jdb. The attacking intensity when those 3 came on was superb. How we missed so many chances I will never know. Also, although the refs are poor, got to stop getting stupid bookings. (Morley first half) as then you are on a knife edge. fantastic celebrations for the 2 goals. we were in that Jim’s bar behind their stand before the game. All the Celtic fans were in there. Come down on a coach to support Scott brown. Very odd if you ask me.
  8. Got to hand it to him, watching football to pay the bills. Think we would all have some of that.
  9. I thought he was great. my son got his shirt after a crap away performance at stoke, took it the following week and got him to sign it as he came in through the hotel. top bloke, top player.
  10. Apparently can get them up to 1-00 Saturday
  11. Not boycotting, just not going - dodgy it is
  12. Saturday lunchtime for me on the way up to the game
  13. But also the risk of sending off (handle outside box, last man and bring someone down) I get it when you could only name 3 subs, but he doesn’t use all his subs anyway most of the time. so not buying his reasoning.
  14. Exactly the same thing I said after the final whistle
  15. So good when he scored and shoved the keeper into the net.
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