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  1. Any win, any win will do. big week this
  2. Santos was a ticking time bond from minute 1 and maybe we should have taken him off after a booking and a talking too. sure that ball crossed the line…….
  3. Defence superb. we would have lost that game in previous years. before the match wanted 3 points, but come the end of the season could be valuable point. big week coming up. and I am actually back from hols and can go to a game. hope all that went today had a good in and got back in 1 piece.
  4. I follow ordered - mojito round the pool at 10am ready to go
  5. Surely people still listened driving away from the game in the car….. I certainly did
  6. Great win and shows a real winning mentality along with a depth of squad. let’s keep this wagon rolling.
  7. Water fountains like the airports etc
  8. Well we need to be winning this if we are going to have any hope / chance
  9. Hopefully will take some traffic away from hotel 😎 old habits die hard for me I’m afraid. will they let away fans in ?
  10. Well we should do, so they make less of an atmosphere
  11. What a performance and kept shouting when we scored, huddled round my phone by the pool in the Dominican Republic - not many English either, so all a bit bemused. Dempsey, Morley and Bradley were immense. they had a few chances, but we could and should have had more. just brilliant - I trust all that went enjoyed 😎
  12. A lot will be included in the numbers but missing due to holidays tomorrow. Including myself. come on tomorrow - let’s get a good start
  13. Enjoy all - and bring us back 3 points 😎
  14. On the beach for me - any win is fine
  15. As not going and away from Monday for weeks, not really got into the spirit yet.
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