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  1. 43,28 strange those last lot - ice cream cones, just need them smothered in strawberry ice cream
  2. This ! I have actually said a prayer and told the old lady next door to do so as well. anything, just anything please......
  3. Absolute disgrace - need to take a leaf out of the US and the recent cop brutality there.
  4. First half not bad. for me sending off. second half, abject and slow. don’t think they were that good, just we were poor. draw or loss not a big difference. 1 game season now.
  5. Kept waking up, thinking about the game. thank god junior has a game this morning to eat up a few hours. coywm
  6. Anyway, any how, any win will do.
  7. I am slipping in this, need to shape up. 33,25
  8. I reckon ie is keeping John’s fitness quiet to keep morecombe guessing.
  9. Get the A to Z out. I had just picked 44,48 scrolled down and it had been revealed!
  10. Unless Bradford need something from the last game to get in the play offs, could have done with them beating trampmere last night.
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