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  1. That should be ok with no real cheap trains to be had and was always a toss up if to book or not.
  2. My advice is don’t bother. Far easier with all home comforts. crap car journey, forget things, feeds, sleeps etc at funny times. Too much hassle.
  3. They have sold 185 up to now !
  4. So club have said they are now available, but is the £5 a game option still happening as can’t find that anywhere now?
  5. Some decent numbers there, but equally a few smaller clubs. really pleased we have a good base. A reasonable start and some big away following will give us some good attendances.
  6. They need 4000 in the new stand to get the safety certificate for a virtually full capacity against us. reckon we might get 1500
  7. 10th and then build and strengthen again.
  8. Apparently moving everything around as the court is staying being used in the platinum suite for the foreseeable future.
  9. marple whites


    Bloody joke - they have been bending the rules for years this lot.
  10. Bloody useless. do we need to go Sheffield and kings cross then ? seem to remember we had to do that a good few years ago for quite a while
  11. 2 go through not sure which games are home or away
  12. Were we ever going to win it ?? they have just lost there manager to West Brom though.
  13. Just looked on national rail enquiries - not showing any fares for the Wimbledon week - says might be engineering works - check nearer the time ! although will away fans be allowed in ?
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