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Found 1 result

  1. Sometimes the best advice comes from the people who are furthest removed from the situation so I guess where better to ask. Apologies in advance if this is a bit deep. A ‘what would you do in my shoes’ type question… My grandmother died young from MND. My mother has Frontotemporal Dementia (diagnosed at 61). Both of these are linked to a gene mutation that there’s a 50% chance that I may have inherited. If I have, there’s a rather increased chance that I could develop either (or both) by the time I’m 60 (half way there this year). In short, it’s fucked my head up. Now I can get tested to confirm whether or not I’ve inherited it but the question is whether or not you’d want that. Do you live in blissful ignorance and when your time comes, it comes? Or do you get the test and there’s a 50% chance you’re negative or if you are positive, your heads potentially even more fucked? But then on the other hand, you’ve got a place in line for any preventative treatments that may be developed in the future… There’s also the fact you can find out if any theoretical child you may have can be tested during pregnancy to determine if they’ve inherited it from you (with the option to not continue with it). Apologies again, I know it’s a deep one, just appreciate an impartial view. Heads flitting from one way to the other on an hourly basis.
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