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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Portsmouth again...


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Twelve months ago a 3-0 home win v Pompey minus Dapo, Baka, Jones, Santos, John, MJ Willliams would have been unthinkable. That's progress. As IE is fond of saying: "More to come".

Hopefully there's not too much wrong with Bod.

Nice little points cushion above that 7th place now.

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6 minutes ago, Arrested development said:

Piece of piss. Look very solid at the back and created plenty of chances. Nice to take a few today. 

Eoin Toal looking better and better every game. What a find. 

Might need to go up to keep him.

Bound to start getting scouted playing so well.

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Fuck a duck that wind had a bite to it

Excellent team performance 

New lad is fucking huge but got a good turn of pace

Not 1 bad performance and no stand out player just a very good team today

Only downside was Bod's injury hope its not a bad 1 because he was class before he had to go off 

3rd goal was a cracking move and finish

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Just about thawed out. Fucking taters up there today.

As good a performance as you’ll see that. Evatt has got that defence absolutely purring and going forward we carry genuine menace. New lad looks raw but talented and has a good set of players around him to get service from.

That back 3 really is brimming with confidence, and that just gives the rest of the team a bit more freedom to go and get the goals.

Chuffed to fucking bits and hoping we can secure play offs by the end of next month. Then see if Plymouth open the door….


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