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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Portsmouth again...


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13 minutes ago, jeep said:

Very good performance.

That back 3 are great  together - Aimson does so much talking to the other 2.....

Last 8 games, including 2 Pizza cups, we've let in 1 goal.....


It was fecking freezing in the 1st half -  that wind didn't half cut through you...

2nd half warmed up a tad after the wind fecked off.....

Agree, this defence looks very solid, not as good in the air without Santos but I agree with a post from the other night that Santos (and MJ) are guilty of slowing play down. This defence seems to play it a bit more simply to the midfield or the WB making us much quicker getting forwards. Don't change a winning team, or a solid defence.

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Perfect balance between that back 3 at the min. 2 comfortable on the ball either side and Aimson just defending. Trafford really is beginning to command his box. Every faith he will come to collect when it’s put up there. Bradley always an outlet, Williams will be a very shrewd and steady signing with decent delivery. Morley controlled the game again. Why he was out for so long is a mystery but he’s taken on the challenge and been different class since coming back in. Dempsey superb. A proper box to box man. Lee, absolute class. The amount of times he presses nicks the ball and we’re on the front foot. Isn’t a coincidence. With a proper partner up front Charles looks far better and doesn’t have to do all the hard work himself. Hope Bod isn’t too serious. He’s been so stop start and Just looks like he’s beginning to get in to a rhythm. Dan (not even attempting the surname) looked effective. Always dropped in looking for it in to feet. Held it up well and has the pace to trouble in behind

good solid day at the office all round  

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6 minutes ago, Eavesy said:

Keep ball away from that new lad on wing.

absolute bomb scare on ball, especially when he tries to use his right foot


If so, is he fuck. Had a few poor crosses today but pitch didn't help, but has shown in previous two games he can put decent balls in, with both feet.


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Decent again that today. Thought they looked good on the break at times, apart from the free header at the back post and the chance he hit over the bar first half we contained them well. 

Lee as mentioned is a silent assassin really does make us tick, impressed with the new lad up top, Charles worked hard again. 

it’s good. We will wobble at times but generally nothing to gripe about at all. Thoroughly enjoying us at the minute.

nervous for next week, get a win there and it’s a serious statement. 

enjoy the your evening! 

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3 minutes ago, Matt Lofthouse said:

Agree with the praise for Aimson and Toal, but Johnston looks a complete different player. So glad he didn’t start santos, shows his faith in them and fairness as a manager.

Jones also up against it now, to get back in the first 11.



Baring Bod, the team shouldn't be at all at the minute. 

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1 goal conceded in our last 8 games.

It's also not a surprise that since we have started having a more consistent line up each week we are also getting consistent results.

Defence look solid but also that central midfield, Dempsey, Lee and Morley add an aggression that I feel like we have lacked many times in the lower leagues that we are in.

Shame about Bod he just can't catch a break atm with silly injuries here and there.

Think we need more cover up top though. With bod out, we are reliant on Kachunga being our substitute attacking difference.

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28 minutes ago, Eavesy said:

Keep ball away from that new lad on wing.

absolute bomb scare on ball, especially when he tries to use his right foot

Id rather him overhit a few beyond the back post than cut it inside like we have been doing.

He will find his range soon enough.

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10 minutes ago, Biggish Dave said:

Said it before, Lee apart, the players who came up from L2 with us now look like our weaker players.

Shows how much progress has been made in 18 months

I agree, definitely highlights our progression.

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