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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Season Tickets 23/24

L/H White

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6 minutes ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

I would like to get one in the East Stand Lower where I was last season (give it up due to working again) but nothing is available.

going to see what’s available later - even considering Platinum Suite for a season

Look at the LoV before the platinum. Isn’t a huge amount of difference in service v’s the cost increase and you still get the atmosphere of being in the East 

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Clever this. It’s clearly not been a case of just putting a false deadline in to get people buying early, with only adding a couple of days on, but they’d be stupid not to extend and give those non-season ticket holders in the crowd today a chance to sign up. Just hope we put on a display!

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32 minutes ago, bwfc2003 said:

all 3 lower tier stands sold out with the exception of a dozen single seats

Surely now they have got to be thinking about reclaiming half the south stand back from the away team

The seat map looks immense, looks like a packed out game for this weekend, never mind season tickets for next year.

I agree about the south stand too, genuinely something to consider 

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Did they put all lower tier seats on sale for season tickets do we know or have any been left empty?  

I’m saying that given what the club did for some IL1/2 seats this year.  What’s also weird is that based on the Cambridge seat map it looked like we sold more than the announced 24800 gate.  I read someone saying that 3 home stands is ~23.5k plus 450 Cambridge in SSU plus us in SSL (2.5k sold?).  Bit like the Bermuda Triangle at times our place…..

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14,000 season tickets sold is a magnificent effort. Given the tweet that announced that figure was seven hours ago I wouldn't mind betting we added a good few more today. In the unlikely event we barely sell any further season tickets after the early bird deadline I think this means we will be getting 17k-18K for the most bog standard league game with a shit away following. 

As the Burnden Paddock often used to sing when we'd strung two good results together: "Bolton are back, Bolton are back ... oh-hhh"

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