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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wembley 🍕


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2 minutes ago, green genie said:

From the three games this season how are we 16 points better off?

Consistency GG, we’ve been up and down like a brides nightie. Lost or drawn matches we should have won. 
I think today was our day that’s all. Best of luck for the rest of the season.

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Quote from BBC

“The 4-0 victory is the biggest-ever in the 41-year history of the competition with a crowd of 79,389 the highest anywhere in Europe this weekend.”

Been to all of the finals since 86 and that was the best. Drama wasn’t as good as Reading, the prize wasn’t as big as Preston.

But put into context against what we’ve faced in the last 13 years of decline, I’m actually quite emotional about the whole day. Being there with the whole family, 3 generations with my 83 year old dad. And for that young side and manager to perform and dominate like they did was immensely pleasurable. 

They’re young and growing, so I’m wise and experienced enough to know that’s not going to happen every week. 

What a platform to put in place for the run-in. But do you know what. Im not going to get too upset if it doesn’t happen this season. It will come soon enough.

Thanks players, thanks Ian and thanks Sharon, I had a feeling we had, but now I know we’ve got our club back and we are going places 😅

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Can only echo what everyone already said,  quite touching that gethin Jones scored and shed a tear,  well played young man.

Cosgrove is a fakin dirty cunt,  that assault is worse every time you see it and he knows what he set out to do with the look on his face.    Just hope toal injury ain't to bad 

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That's as perfect/flawless day as I can remember in more than 45 years following BWFC. Couldn't have been all that much better if I'd written the script myself. The Palm Sunday Massacre! 

It's onwards and upwards for this football club. Promotion or not this season we've picked up new fans today. 

Well done to Sharon Brittan too. For being there in a hour of crisis she absolutely deserves that day in the sun and when the fans began chanting her name when she appeared on the big screen it was highly appropriate. 

Obviously saw Vernon Kay and Ivan Campo but my favourite little spot was Julian Darby wearing his 1989 BWFC Sherpa Van shirt queuing with his mrs for the train in to Marylebone after the match.

One other little nugget: I reckon that's the first time we've gone 1-0 up in a match at Wembley since 58.


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What a day, couldn't have gone better

My only previous experience of Wembley was Stoke 5-0

From the old fella on his own sat next to me saying lofthouse also scored on the 4th minute in 58 to the young lads going for it at half time under the stand, we were great and our fans were a credit to the club today which is a line we don't always toe the right side of whilst meaning well.










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Th'East Midlands Whites are just back. After a sober day having to drive to and from Grantham station, we've just voted unanimously to now drink heavily.

What a day though; as someone said, a brilliant view from the level 2 tier; I never thought I'd be much of a fan of multiple flag waiving, but towards the end when the sun shone down on our lot waving en masse  and not making just noise, just saying it all in a sea of blue and white was genuinely an emotional sight. As I was sober, I can fully remember it, and will continue to do so until they shove me 6 foot down - which is a bonus compared to other big matches of the past 😁

Rest assured  - if we get to playoff final I'll get cunted as usual 😄

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