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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Shrewsbury Town (H)

Burndens Bogs

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1 hour ago, desperado said:

Team prediction time:


          Jones.      MJ.     Johnston 

Bradley.          Sheehan.           John

                  Lee.       Dempsey

           Charles.             Adebeyejo

Talk of a fit Lee coming back in (although that could be as a sub), if he does I think he might go one CDM (Sheehan) and two number 8’s. Could be Morley’s turn for a rest. But won’t be disappointed if it’s Thomason as part of the 3.

Back 3 will stay the same. He’ll continue with Bradley, although if we are secure by Bristol. only then will he think of resting him. Toss up between John/Williams (who played well Tuesday) on the left.

I’ve gone for Vic as Charles partner up front.


Be happy with that; Morley or Lee starting 

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39 minutes ago, frank_spencer said:

Isn't there a B team defender up to being on the bench incase of injury to our makeshift back 3?

Seems a waste of resources if there isn't.

He decided against bringing Senior back.

Maybe not the full deal but fit & been playing. Would have been a bench option.

I assume that's sayonara to him then.

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1 minute ago, Whitesince63 said:

Looks like we’re just going to have to wear this lot down and hope that eventually they tire and we find a chink. We could try a few more shots though which might ricochet kindly?

If you don't buy a ticket....


I'm finding this nervewracking whilst the scores are level. If they somehow nick one it's going to be a tough nut to crack.

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1 minute ago, waffer cup 07 said:

We've got to get round the back of these, why has Bradley stopped taking the fullback on.

Keep playing it to the feet of Victor and Dion in a crowd but nothing is sticking, even when they're away from the box.

Nobody lurking to pick up half clearances. We're predictable and as long as we don't score the more worried I am about them nicking a goal on the break. If we score, it might open up a bit.

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Same old story really, all huff and no puff. R Williams has been awful, just not taking the defenders on. Bradley’s being well marked by 2 or 3 players and nobody’s working with him, time to bring Lee n to open that right side up. I think the constant defending will get to Shrews later in the game so we just need to be patient, keep tight at the back and it will come. A few more shots would help and preferably on target?

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9 minutes ago, woolli said:

And 72% possession. We aint going through the middle of this lot, need to get it wide and get some crosses in.

Yeah but that's what they want - their defenders are taller than our attackers and low crosses are into a forest of legs. We need to be quicker - and/or wear them out. Maybe Shoretire has the fancy footwork to do it?

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