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Should of been 3 easy. Dion and Victor missed easy chances.

It's all about results now and after today it's us derby and peterboro playing for the last two playoff spaces 

My only main worry is Victor just doesn't look like he can hold the ball up.  Everything bounces off him. I think he's a box player like Dion, his goals are all penalty box and he doesnt do enough outside the box.  Nlundulu looks better playing with Dion, but Nlundulu doesn't look like he's going to score. See what he looks like next season but right now he doesn't look worth the half a mil outlay. 


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21 minutes ago, captainmed said:

I know that.

Peterborough won’t win their last two and we won’t lose both ours.

Win Tuesday are we’re there….

There's still a chance it could go tits up but after today our prospects are much brighter. Posh have Brizzle which they should win and then a trip to Barnsley - who after today have confirmed their playoff place but can't make the autos so there's a good chance Barnsley will be resting players for that - so we should set our stall out accordingly.

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Descent performance that,bit laboured 1st half due to them having 10 behind the ball,2nd half we moved it about abit quicker and could have easily finished 3-0

RW improved as the game went and i thought played well 2nd half

MOM for me was MJ outstanding game from him

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Could've easily have been 5 0 their keeper was their man of the match for sure.

You just need that bit of quality in these games and it came when we needed it.

The next 2 games will be similar and will be up to us.

I need to see that strike from Dion again, Jesus Christ, it almost took the goalposts off from the ground!

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Not enough urgency in front of goal in the first half.

We should have three or four in the second but we were always only one mistake away from a draw or worse.

 I thought MJ had a decent game, and RW put a couple of good crosses and corners in

We were worth the three points at the end though.

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Bradley a pleasure to watch in 2nd half.

And Dempsey immense from start to finish.

Got to say Shrewsbury as bad as any team I've seen here this season, which surprised me.  Every player seemed to have the technique of a non league player (except the keeper, well played).

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1 hour ago, Mounts Kipper said:

Tire them out. 

Find a way through all 11 Shrewsbury players in the box. They defended very well in the 1st half not letting any of our players get a shot away and swarming on loose balls. It was a hard slog but we managed it in the end.

Should've had a hat full especially with Dion and Vic hitting the keeper when through on goal. Hitting the bar twice and the inside of the post. Another day we smash um.

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