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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Last minute Trafford


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1 hour ago, Tombwfc said:

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, which may even prove right in time. But it is pretty funny how things have gone for the 'Traff is overrated and no better than Accrington's keeper' brigade. £19m transfer to a Premier League club, six clean sheets and a last minute penalty save to win England U-21s a championship.

In the mud, as the kids would say.

Theres no point having a mind if you cant change it.

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Just now, Mutley said:

I believe Trafford was at Curzon Aston tonight to cheer on the lads. 

I would honestly consider taking him back for another season if he’s interested. Looks a prospect 



Nah. I've heard Evatt has rejected it and is signing Gilks up as a pro again. 


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1 hour ago, Pablo said:

Love seeing lads like this, proper loves what he does, seems sound as fook, clearly loved his time with you.

These are the things that non-matchgoing fans just don't understand.

When he signs for Burnley it will be like having a beer with ya ex though 

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He will be kept busy, but will use him alot in their play.

Im never a fan of young keepers starting in the prem, they dont often work out well. That position tends to need a bit more experience and for them to have at least fully grown into their body.

But, trafford may well be that one to buck that trend, he certainly has a lot about him.

I did not rate his as high a some with watching last season...but it easy to forget how young he is, and he is better than I thought.

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