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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Last minute Trafford


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  • 2 weeks later...

Good on Traff. 

He's come into a team that's won promotion from the championship. 

He's only played in league 1 and u21s. 

They've thrown him in at the deep end. 1st game of the season v city and Haaland. 

Unless he concedes a ton every game he's deffo got England number 1 vibes 

Just saying 

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13 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Just watched the highlights. 

Not sure what he could have done differently for the third neither.

A great delivery, and probably too far in front for him to come.

Shocking challenge at the end too, a deserved red.

Didn't think he should have come off his line, not into that crowd of players. He might not have been able to do much about it even if he stayed on his line, but just thought it was a bit naive coming out and getting wiped out by his own defender

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4 hours ago, W.cramp said:

The lad played well, especially being his first prem game and the opposition.   He will concede a fair few as Burnley look very weak. 1 or 2 year stepping stone ,  probably 1 as they will struggle to stay up.

Agreed. It’s probably easier to appear a great ‘keeper when you’ve got decent defenders relative to your opposition than when you’re defence is fairly weak relative to your opposition.

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It’s very hard to judge keepers in games if there are no stand out moments (cock ups or outstanding saves). Nothing to report last night unless anyone wants to analyse his passing. 3 goals where he can’t be blamed. A couple of routine saves, no significant errors. If he’d played for us for 3 games, the goals against column would still be nil, if Baxter had played for Burnley they would have lost 3-0.  Let’s see how it plays out for both keepers.

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