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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021



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1 minute ago, L/H White said:

Haha, tough injury to comeback from, fairplay to him

Yeh I agree, I don’t think anyone could have predicted how well he’s done this season.

Close run thing between him, Charles and Santos for most influential player so far 

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On 26/05/2023 at 09:50, desperado said:

All banter mate.

I’m going to get in there first on the new keeper;

- He’s no Trafford 

- Doesn’t do anything spectacular. 

- It’s Evatt’s blindspot 

- Why have we gone for another youngster 

- What is Gilkes actually doing with these keepers

- Surely we should have just developed Hutchinson/Litherland 


This hasn’t aged well. 

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2 hours ago, Traf said:

I’ve backed Sheehan all the way, I was delighted when we signed him.

anyone can get injured.

Me too.

Then proceeded to frustrate the hell out of me.

Showing class now though, in a set up that helps him.

Not sure he'll ever be able to tackle a good dinner, but it's horses for courses. Get the balance right and allow him to do what he does best.

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On the subject, and there not yet being a winter window thread ... where should we be looking to strengthen in the next window ... which is only 7 weeks ahead.

We seem to have 2 players per position. Few are duck eggs but how many are shoo-ins if we did go up ?

Clearly, whatever the long term prognosis, we are one successful forward short. Vic doesn't fit our current way of playing. He certainly puts in a shift, no complaints on effort, but he's not the answer as a permanent starter for me.

Dan, bless him. 'nuff said. 

Bod. He has the quality, but there has to be a reason he only gets cameo's.

Mendez-Gomez, well who knows ?

Of course successful strikers aren't sitting on tree branches waiting to be selected by an, admittedly decent, 3rd tier club. It may be loans from Premier or Championship clubs. Any ideas ?

Elsewhere, we are, for the level well enough set. But I'd hope we're looking at Ashworth & Mahgoma's situations and signing them on permanent deals.

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16 minutes ago, Lt. Aldo Raine said:

Wing-backs, because we only have two 

Unfortunately, I don't think there's any prospect of us signing Maghoma permanently as long as we're in the third tier

I think mathieson is seen as a wing back??

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I dunno how this is measured but Vic was and I believe is top of the pressing stats

So, while we are winning I just dont see any reason why Evatt wont start him

Be nice to add some goals, mind, but its a tough sell to get a prem club to let their promising striker drop 2 leagues to be sub and, while we are winning, for evatt to change the game plan

I just dont see it

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