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22 minutes ago, Whitesince63 said:

We also have Max Conway for LWB who looked pretty impressive when he’s played, not often I accept but seems to have potential. Is he still out on loan, I haven’t heard how he’s doing?

Conway went on loan to Fylde with Khumbeni last month.

Conway has played the full 90 minutes of all six games Fylde have played since he went there and Khumbeni has missed just 40 minutes.

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The challenge we face in Jan is that there no point bringing in players who do not improve the squad and we have to have the ambition to think could contribute in a higher division. As we are currently pushing for top two anything else would be waste. 

The obvious position is up front but we are 1 goal off being top goal scorers in the division. We have 13 players who have scored this season. Excluding the Papa Johns. Bizarrely only 2 of our 5 centre forwards have scored !


Midfield the improvement of GT and the impressive start now fit made by Maghoma alongside the level Sheehan is playing at mean that Morley and Dempsey make up 5 for the 3 slots. 

At the back we have had suspensions and injuries but Santos, Toal and Jones are basically sound with acceptable cover. Wing backs I think we can cover. Ashworth, Forester and Iredale all could play without the level dropping massively. 

So we go back to the front. Are we going to sign anyone better than a fit JDB ? Vic for all his faults has been part of the team that has got us to third. Desperately needs a goal as does Dan. Jerome is already 5th choice in most people's eyes. We also hopefully at some point will see a positive contribution from CMG. 

It will be interesting to see what approach we take, the gut feeling that another forward is needed but if our style sees goals chipped in from across the squad maybe midfield is where we are short. 

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I think recruitment in January will be a challenge. To improve our squad we are realistically now looking at lower/mid Championship level.  Both the club and any potential recruit is going to have to make a leap of faith that we are going up.

Whilst I'm not a big fan of developing other clubs players, I think loans be the most realistic route for the second half of the season.  They are going to have to be a good bit better better than what we've got.

I think LWB cover is a weak spot, Iredale is solid but one dimensional in there, Ashworth has looked OK in less challenging games but his track record so far has been international call up/injured/international call up/injured/international call up.  We're not playing kids at LWB.  Gethin Jones and Luke Matheson are more promising cover at RWB.

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If we bring in a striker then one on loan, a good one, can come ... do his bit ... & go. Costs relatively little. 

If it's a purchase he needs to be better than 4 of our current 5 & complement Dion. They would, as a minimum, have to be of solid Div 2 ability and within our price range ... oh, & available. 

I suspect a loan would be our best bet unless we really are flying come January. 

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With funds being short I don’t think we can afford another forward, nor do I believe we need one. It amuses me when some claim Bod to be injury prone when prior to his ankle injury he had no record of being so and has shown in recent performances that he’s near peak fitness so it’s almost like having a new player. Midfield looks brill to me and defensively the only potential weakness is LWB so any money we do have I’d spend there.

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