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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Challengers next season?


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10 hours ago, Alf Hartigan said:

When did calling Sheff Weds 'Wendies' become a thing, makes my teeth itch.

Like calling Ipswich 'Ipshit' or Crystal Palace 'Crippled Alice'.

Always liked the stripy Nigel’s for palace for some reason. Top insult.

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Just now, gonzo said:

Noblot wool yonners

Used to get called yonner a fair bit when I lived in manc. Oddly mainly by a rag from Atherton who was a complete muppet. Just used to look at him like he was a simpleton as his insult made no sense.

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2 hours ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

I win a grand if we get promoted; and I haven’t put a bet on. 

You have put a bet on.

You’re betting that we can afford to pay your cash back in full. 

In 5 years time your 10 G’s could have vanished so the grand is irrelevant.

Fair play for taking the risk though. 

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1 hour ago, TrickyTrotter said:

Andersen to Luton confirmed. Undisclosed fee but the Tykes will have a good bit of cash.

They will certainly but most of that will be used to finance the club. Tykes fans are already aware that transfer fees won’t be paid and the club will be trying to continue the same moneyball approach to bringing in free and young players to develop and sell on. They still don’t have a confirmed new manager yet so clearly they are a bit behind already. Expect one or two more to leave yet.

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48 minutes ago, tomski said:

A Reading fan at work was telling me this. Smacks of failure written all over it.

pretty much sums Reading up, remember looking at their squad last season and thinking they could be dark horses if all these once decent players could still perform

Tom Ince
Shane Long
Sam Hutchison
Naby Sarr
Andy Carroll
Jeff Hendrick
Scott Dann
Junior Hoilett

but they didn't, they got relegated

Walcott is probably going to make no difference either

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