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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021



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On 13/06/2023 at 14:31, desperado said:

Away ones have an appeal to me. Potential to tick off a new ground, few beers on the train, take in the offerings of a different town/city in the sun without too much stress of the game, while sussing out some new signings. 

In one.

As a social event then they are generally more enjoyable than a mid-week home league game in November/December. 

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32 minutes ago, tomski said:

Not 100% convinced you’ve learnt your lesson from that post.

Just a tick off job this, last time I went Salford it only had a shed at one side and grass around the rest so need go and do it again, hopefully a few beers in the sun.

Will probably barely make 10 home games this season, don't you worry about that 😃

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1 minute ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

Them Carr’s pasties; giving him too many the greedy get 😉

😃.  Somebody scurrilous could suggest it's because he's no longer stressing about a gambling court case hanging over him 🤔 😉 

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With Iredale being able to play both wing back and competing with Johnston for left of back three, does anyone think we will need to sign another defender? MJ proved he can play there if needed. I still think we struggle to replace Santos if he’s out.

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