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Fixtures 23/24


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On 21/06/2023 at 11:13, Carlos said:

We have been drawn into Group E in the northern section of the EFL trophy, alongside Bolton Wanderers and Salford City. The draw to decide which U21s side joins us will take place at 11.30am tomorrow, live on Sky Sports.

Anyone know which U21s team we got?

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I'm baffled by the papa johns trophy group stage 'draw'. I dont understand why they have fixed who plays who instead of doing a proper draw. Would be better to have at least done at north/east and north/west draw rather than just putting us with stockport and salford.  

Pretty sure this is a new thing and it wasnt like this last year... 

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36 minutes ago, Marc505 said:

For connoisseurs of interesting fixtures, I should say. Tuesday night sleep fest enthusiasts can rejoice.

Victory on penalties, Crewe at home round 2

Spot on it’s about as uninteresting as it can be, when a first away fixture could have thrown up something like; Notts County, Mansfield, Grimsby, Leeds, PNE, Blackpool or reverse the fixture to Barrow away! No chance of getting on the rung for priority points before Cheltenham.

Would they consider some tiered points based on previous loyalty? I very much doubt it.

Which leaves yet another fastest finger fuck up for our first away game. And then If you don’t make that you probably won’t get Burton away! 

Could be Reading on 16th September until supply beats demand. 

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