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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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Just now, Farnywhite said:

We have one striker capable of scoring and he as just subbed him  . Jerome as held the ball up better though in the last 5 minutes than victor as since we signed him 

Also diving for FKs a bit. Frannie Lee would have landed on the penalty spot.

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1 minute ago, Wanderlust said:

Thing is he hardly ever gives the ball away. Saw a stat last week and he is 3rd in the league for successful pass completion at 94.5%. Problem is he does f*** all with it.

Really!? Surprised as seems to bounce of him a lot. The passes he does play generally 5 yard back passes to the defence on the halfway line.

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So many times we overhit the final ball

0 goals from midfielders, 0 contributions from subs this season, relying on our starting st's and Adeboyejo should score that 100%

Nlundulu gets himself involved, usually hold up play, but what does Jerome do? seems like a waste of a sub, perhaps we need to bring in an attacker these next few days

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1 minute ago, Leyther_Matt said:

If we had anybody with the inclination to attack the ball when it’s coming in to the box we’d have won that 5-1. Far too many individual errors is one thing, far too little collective will to win is very poor. Not a good reaction at all to last week.  

Which is weird given the subs he made.

Only one defensive midfielder, and 2 strikers still on.

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