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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Burton A

radcliffe white

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A few points:

  • 3-5-2/5-3-2 isn't working, it's great for counter attacking but if the other team scores first and then puts 9/10 men behind the ball we can't break them down.
  • Jones and Iredale are out of position, it's almost like we've got 2 left backs and 2 right backs all playing at the same time but the center left back and right back don't understand their positon. If you look at their goal the positioning is dire.
  • Too much role duplication in the squad both Victor and Dion are interchangeable, meaning they keep going for the same positions and balls though instinct.
  • Central midfield is the same.


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17 hours ago, Wanderlust said:

Clearly we do but it's not the only simple question.

Another simple question is "does the club currently have a strong enough squad to achieve the manager's stated goal of (ideally automatic) promotion this season?"

Discussion of that question is exactly what it says on the tin - discussion - which is the purpose of a fans forum isn't it?

Another question is "if someone expresses their opinion on what they like or what they don't like about the trajectory of our momentum, why do they have to be pigeon-holed as a happy clapper or a doom and gloom merchant?"

Obviously there's a Psychology 101 answer to that :)


For a sinister, leftie, commie art loving ingrate, you are at least 51% good. Waffle away me old son if it makes you feel better. Please excuse me if I don't buy into it and continue to focus on the bigger picture.

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