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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Derby County (H)


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We were much more than one goal better than Derby & being overcritical, we should have scored more & done without the nervy ending.....but we played some lovely football.

Santos & Toal were immense, Jones back to his reliability, Dempsey everywhere, both wing backs effective, Thommo makes us more physically competitive & MOTM to Sheehan, just classy.

& Derby...pisspoor, quietest of the season support again, with a pisspoor team depending on set pieces, they can't be that bad all the time can they ?

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1 hour ago, Spider said:

I know people pay their money

I know they’re “entitled” to a whinge

But when they sit still as fucking statues for 25 minutes, and give no encouragement after some of the best football seen there for years, but immediately start fucking griping when a pass goes astray, 

surely it’s clear these utter cunts are only there hoping it all goes wrong so they can say “uggg uggg look, me said this would happen, ufh ufh, I knew we were shit despite clearly not being, ugg ugg”

Its like a spaceship from the planet M0ng drops a few thousand of its residents off for every home match, with clear instructions to be total fucking dickheads for 90 minutes before their spaceship picks them up from outside home bargains and they get their nappies changed.


I remember my first shandy too!

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Started well, some great, quick, slick football first half, recovered well from conceding, deserved to be at least level if not in front at break. 

Sending off made the game the sort of challenge we struggle with and it was a faff from then on, got a break with goal, didn't do enough after that to put it to bed. The rash of subs was a bit questionable and we lost our grip last 10 mins as a result. Bit surprising JDB didn't get any minutes after the red card, loads of 'pass, pass, pass, cross' he might have got his head on one or two.

Sheehan was brilliant today, allowed to be by Thomason being around him and giving him the freedom to dictate from a bit higher up. 

Toal being back was a big reassurance, we just about got away with Williams against Mendez Laing as a result. 

Lot of questions still to be answered about transfer window activity and those brought in but Dacres Cogley, to be fair, is a good find, another solid game and very good creatively first half

Only real negative was inability again to deal with crosses / set pieces / corners. We don't do enough to stop crosses coming in then look shaky whenever they do. For a side coached by two former grizzly defenders it's baffling so little store seems to be placed on this part of the game. 

Derby weren't up to much, nothing to shout about at all 

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We were actually better before the sending off..... against 10 virtually everything was  played towards our right.... Santos going so far forward was actually a hindrance. 

       We are 2nd in the League, we will improve.... We just need to learn to fight fire with fire occasionally. 

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Very good today. Well top first half would have been a travesty to go in one down. Second better team before red card. Was amazed how deep they dropped. Minor moan Santos and GT picking up bookings when we so dominant . Goal was lucky but something had to go our way.

The subs came as they started to press so did not really work, we seemed to rush everything

Very deserved 3 points. 

'Just fucking shoot'

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Huge result that. We were bang up for it from the start. 

Sheehan is a class above when hes not being bullied. Id have him further up field, hes got the class to unlock.

CMG looked a liability when he came on, no idea why he was put there though :D

We shouldve won by more, the raft of changes stalled that, but protected what we had so fair enough.

Getting off Scotts was absolute pig. No trains obviously not helping that. Still outside the bobby shop at 17:50.

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3 hours ago, Arrested development said:

No. He wasn't that good today. Cheap yellow again and didn't really do anything with the ball. Average 

Glad it wasn't just me.  I enjoyed the game, good atmosphere (helped by the weather no doubt) and great to beat a big team.  Always hard to judge a performance when the goals are a pen and an OG, and its against 10 men for half a game, it doesn't really answer the question of whether we can create chances and get decent efforts on target. 

Tomo did OK at times but other times he was dithering, and never wins a challenge fairly.  When he was forced to use his right foot he gave away a needless corner with an awful pass back.  Williams is still the Williams of last season, I'm not sure which is worse his decision making or his execution.

We started well which was great to see, not unlike the Boro game with the opposition made to look poor.  Some great possession stuff in 2nd half before the last 15, just frustrating to have no cutting edge.  Toal and Sheehan MOM by a mile, Toal is a rolls royce.

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45 minutes ago, Take Hunt Off said:

I hope Evatt doesn’t think Medes Gomez can play rwb, that would be catastrophic.

Great win though fully deserved, Sheehan at his best .

Should have capitalised on our superiority & avoided the nervy finish.

Onwards & upwards.

Gomez kept giving the ball away was terrible at first we. He did come on did grow into it last few minutes 

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