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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Reading (A)


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As long as the injuries don’t include Dion, Rico, Coggers and Demps I don’t think we need to worry we have enough cover. I don’t think Toal or Ashworth actually got on the pitch so they shouldn’t be injured and I’ve not heard after their games that Dion and Josh got knocks so fingers crossed they didn’t and are all fit to go.

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53 minutes ago, Bertie said:

Driving there for first time.  Any tips on parking pls?

It’s not the best pal. No street parking within a mile or so. Best bet is a RFC parking permit if you can get one next to stadium but a pain in the arse getting out or nearby businesses charge a tenner or so. Bennet road or Acre road usually the best bet. If you get there early enough, there’s paid parking at ground but not that much I don’t think

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44 minutes ago, Thorpey said:

Just had a beer with some Reading lads. Protests planned for Saturday after latest points deduction, so probably resorting to 🎾 on the pitch to disrupt the match! Ruled out a pitch invasion as no one fancies getting arrested or banned!

Oh I say! How terribly southern

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3 hours ago, radcliffe white said:

If that’s off Twitter that’s port vale sales 

Fair enough, the original post has been deleted so can't see what the ticket office was replying to now, but seen a higher figure mentioned as well, but if we've sold 1794 on the 1st day of sale for PV that would also be immense. 

On another note  arrrived in that there London this afternoon, it's definately shorts weather and forecast to be 26c in Reading saturday.


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