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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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We don’t have a lot of options to make changes for 3 defenders on yellows may be forester . Then may be Morley on later in the game in midfield  and bod on up front 

playing against kids we should of buried them first half to destroy there confidence 

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7 minutes ago, CambridgeBWFC said:

Charles should have done better after good play by Vic.


Should be more than 1 up, and could be 3 or 4 with the chances we have had 

Not just Vic then? ☺️

We're a little short of options on the bench to perhaps change things hugely, so this team and set up will need to do the business. 

Which they are capable of.

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Good half.

One to them, two or three to us would have been a fairer reflection. 

Lots of positives. Thomason & Williams having excellent games. Great goal from Dion. We look dangerous everytime we get the ball in the last third. We’ve played some good early balls/crosses in too.

Negatives, they have a goal in them. They have some talent (but are brittle & inexperienced at times) Toal has given possession away unusually at times. While Vics link up play has been very good at least one of those chances should have been put away, Charles should have done better with a couple of other chances too. 

Early goal in 2nd half would be a god send.

Get them Tennis balls on again 🎾 

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The misses wouldn't seem so bad if we had any degree of control of the game, but it's an end to end free-for-all where either team could score - so unlike our usual performances. Got to stop giving the ball away cheaply, tighten up the marking and positioning at the back and keep creating chances.

Evatt has some serious work to do at half time.

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