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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Favourite Player at BWFC ever, and Why?


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Simple enough, give me yours?

For me? And it's probably just a timing thing of when I started watching whites, is Nathan Blake!

 We've certainly had better players since but to me the guy was just top dog simply cos he bagged a loada goals when I first started watching us. 

2nd is Youri for being a rolls Royce, and third.... mmmmmm Campo!

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McGinlay was the first player I idolised as a kid, but Gudni is my favourite of all time. Oozed class and was consistent as fuck. Probably a rose-tinted view, but don't remember him ever having a bad game. Bumped into him on Middlebrook the day before the Play-Off final against Preston and he was a proper nice bloke too.

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59 minutes ago, Whitestar said:

Neil Whatmore .

For being a 70s goal machine and his profile on the back of Shoot magazine.


Mine too. As a kid I absolutely idolised him. He briefly lived on the street next to us with his club Lada on the drive! 

In later years I had a man crush on both McGinlay and Bergsson.

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1 hour ago, Eddie said:

Frandsen - my idol growing up, got to meet him a few times and it was like meeting God.

Whenever I see clips of him pop up on twitter etc. it just proves that he was actually as good as I remember he was - a complete midfielder.

I reckon he was taken for granted just because how reliable he was .a beast. Hair cuts aside Dempsey is from the same mould, albeit he doesn't have that pile-driver shot Per had

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