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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Peterborough (H)


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46 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Anyone remember the days there were no screens; they weren't even thought about as no one really gave a fuck.

When it wasn’t on I lost all track of time the other week. 

Bit like I used to be ok with phone boxes now not a chance I’d bother using one😂

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47 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Has that come out of the bond money though?

Or from regular income stream?


No idea. But there has been money spent this summer whether that's been paid for from the bond money or the club's regular coffers will be up for debate probably even when the accounts come out.

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Well I can't help feeling that for the bond money to yield the 8% for investors, some more success on the pitch is essential, just to create profits.

Crowds are up obviously, but we will need to keep doing well to maintain them.

We've not sold anyone, to any notable value neither.

Really could do with a win tomorrow. 

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I'd guess that a large part of the money spent in Jan & summer was financed by IE & the playing side with the sale of Aimson & 2 reserves in Jan, not far off a million for the mickey mouse cup win & some wages saved in the summer. ( no idea if we were paying anything for the loan players )

I've no problem with us not paying inflated transfer fees or wages, but would expect that there will be some money available in Jan if the players we need become available at a sensible cost.

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Back to the game.....if Charles is fit, i'd fancy our chances, but like everyone else, it's hard to see where the goals are coming from without him & his nuisance value to defenders makes him more than just a goalscorer.

That said, if there's any doubt about him, I wouldn't play him.....he's too important to us to risk exacerbating a slight injury & turning a short lay off into a long one.

& P/boro....their star striker (Clark Harris ?? ) was a dick last season, trying to bully Santos in both games & coming a poor second both times....it'll be interesting to see if he's learnt anything !!


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4 hours ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

Remember when Bolton were away and at the reserves match they used to climb up the ladder on the embankment end to put the score up when there was a goal in the first team game. Everyone got excited but sometimes (more often than not) our opponents had scored. Communication was shite in the 60’s and hardly anyone had cars and went on oversees holidays- some believe we are poor in 2023


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It's OK lads, someone in the pub told me his mate is ITK and has been told Dion is starting after having some pain killer needle at half 2 tomorrow. 😁

Why do people think they know with certainty what's going on behind the scenes. 

Anyway, predicting an end to end thriller resulting in a 3-2 victory for the super whites. (this prediction may be fuelled by Staropraman) 

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First post here after reading for the last year or so, and I've probably picked the worst game possible to try a first prediction! So I'm not going to bother with that... 

What I will add is that the club is on a massive up at the minute - huge attendances, generally good atmosphere. My 6yr old lad has really got into it in the last year, and I really don't want us to waste this period of positivity. So it's time for manager and players to show they're up to it and get some wins. All this positivity could be gone in a few weeks if not, and we lose all this momentum built up over the last 3 years. Crucial next 6 weeks or so for Evatt where he either proves himself as a decent manager who can adapt to issues on and off the pitch, adapts and gets results, or proves himself to be too stubborn and can't take us forward. 

Predicting (hoping for) a 3-1 win after all that!

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1 minute ago, itdiddidit? said:

Got a good feeling today

Just at side of ground going in the Arena.

It's a blue sky, no wind, ground looks mint and the place is ready for the drinkers and the games to begin.

3 nil Santos first goal scorer 

Just reported a bit crash on M61 near the ground on the wireless

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4 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

For me I’d like to see Morley back in the midfield today 

I was thinking that - but then I considered who for. Thomason was the best of the 3 last week and since Wigan has added a bit of steel to midfield, so it shouldn’t be him.

While Dempsey and Sheehan were poor last week, Dempsey, at his best, is just too influential and he claims his back is getting better which probably restricted him last week.

That leaves Sheehan. He’s our most technically gifted player (heard George Johnstone say that this week and I agree) and at his best links play together beautifully and breaks things up. But he does go missing every now and then. 

Tough call between Sheehan and Morley for me. Sheehan just I think today. But won’t be disappointed if I see Morley in the starting 11 - his goal threat from midfield more than anything adds weight to his selection.

In a game preceded with injury talk it’s a nice dilemma for Evatt to have. 

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Just now, Greg_BWFC said:

@desperadoThink I read Thomason has managed to get 5 bookings already (impressive 😄), so misses out if so.

So Morley will probably be the direct replacement. 

Anyroad, a win of any sort will do.


I wasn’t aware of that at all. It’s been kept very quiet in the news and socials. 

Well I agree if he’s out it can only be Morley! 

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