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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wycombe A

radcliffe white

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Selection looks lob sided , if the manager believes in wingbacks then why doesn’t he select them ?
If on the other hand he needs to toughen up the defence , why ignore a natural left footer ie Iredale ?
Maybe his plan is to bring Williams on when the opposition are knackered along with the dynamic duo.

Apologies for the cynicism & hope my comments come back & smack me in the gob.

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1 minute ago, barrycowdrill said:

Thought he was? Could be completely wrong. 

him coming in with Toal and santos (if he is left footed) does give the back 3 better balance. If jones is moved to LWB it raises questions about Iredale and Ashworth 

Played on the right of a three for Vale.

There must be a specific plan, which IE has done before, just hope it works!

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Toal LCB and Jones LWB 🥴

Certainly more ‘solid’ but JDC better be in the mood because he’s going to be seeing a lottttt of the ball tonight!

Like others, seems a strange one on the face of it, Iredale would be the natural more defensive replacement for Randy but maybe Evatt has spotted something in Wycombe’s set up? Who knows, just hope we get the 3 points one way or the other.

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