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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Solihull Moors (H) - FA Cup R1


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59 minutes ago, gonzo said:

What a day out for these. Best ground available.

A lot of them are chuffed about only being charged a tenner. Ok they have travel costs (£27.50 on club coach for non-ST holders) but they have to pay £21 for home games so they reckon it's a bargain.

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1 hour ago, Johnnyrotten said:

Surely we can buy from the ticket office at 2.45 if we want to?

Of course, in which case you'd buy online rather than queue up.

It's probably not something that would be of any significant benefit to be honest, but I just wonder if, one an occasion like this, whether it might just yield a few more that otherwise might not be arsed.

Nowt wrong with a little "thinking aloud" if it was to benefit the club's coffers.



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2 hours ago, bolton va va said:

In, slumming it in ESL.

It's a free hit...lose & we can concentrate on the league,we're not going to win the cup but have a realistic chance of promotion......draw & it's a new ground & a chance of some TV money......win & it's Whitby away in the next round, best fish & chips in the country.

Nowhere near the country’s best fish and chips va va if you’re meaning the Magpie. I queued up for a seat a year or so ago and it was very mediocre, didn’t even have Cod, all haddock. There are a couple of chippies over here in Doncaster and Rotherham who would blind the Magpie. Steels in Cleethorpes also excellent and far better. I hope it is Whitby away next though! 😄

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4 hours ago, radcliffe white said:

Win or lose really can’t be arsed with a replay 

New ground.

TV money.

One for the away ST holders too as I would imagine a small allocation. 

Just had a look and it’s bigger than I thought.

Their ground holds 5500.


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3 hours ago, Casino said:

but why would you

just do it on your phone without leving the pub

dear me

Well maybe personal preference, human touch, not got a smart phone, not got a signal in the pub/Asda.

Ticket office is just another option that might encourage late decision walk ups, plenty of reasons some folk might not book on line.

Deary me.

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6 hours ago, jeep said:

Six of us doing the LOV for a change, only £20 each.....

Out of interest how much is it in there for the season? @steveb maybe?

Didn't renew pal. Been to the first game of the season in LOV and not been back to any part of the ground since. 

Think it was £850 with no food for the full season or something like that. 

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3 hours ago, Traf said:

I'd go to this if we were playing Solihull Motors.

They were always a solid 7th/8th tier club when they were called Solihull Motors, but changing their name to Moors was a master stroke and they've not looked back since 😁

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