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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Cambridge United (A)

radcliffe white

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Just now, L/H White said:

Who would Thomason start ahead of?

Dempsey, if he wasnt likely to lose his head

Maghoma if he wasnt likely to lose his head

As he shows little sign of not losing his head, i think hes on the bench, but id not be shocked if paris had a rest

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2 minutes ago, desperado said:

He’s scored two massive goals now. 


The northampton one is so underrated 

Defender isnt great but theres no way on earth he should be scoring

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6 minutes ago, Casino said:

I didnt

Theres a word in there changes everything

Re-read it :)


Furry muff.

From a different slant I think that Cambridge team has changed somewhat under Harris. Last 3 seasons they’ve looked good against us but tonight I thought they were basic.

No reflection on us as we did what we needed to bring the 3 points home.

Lyle Taylor looks to lash out at Iredale twice to me. 

Ref probably fed up of his moaning at the end.

These shouldn’t be beaten at home too which hasn’t always been a given for us.


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26 minutes ago, L/H White said:

Dempsey was superb tonight, along with Sheehan, those two should be starting every week now, third spot in the midfield up for grabs 

Agreed they were excellent, but we are into the rotation part of the season and Dempsey definitely won't be starting every game, with Tomo and Maghoma around, not to mention CMG now.

Sheehan as good as I've seen him although Cambridge did give him a bizarre amount of time to play the pass for the winner, taken in isolation the pace of the game was like a friendly at that point.  But I could have watched him all night controlling the ball instantly and passing it around.

I'm still a bit in shock at how easily we could have given away the win with that cock up near the end, its horrendous to watch, and very very avoidable.  

Great 3 points, quality 2nd half.  Nice that Derby & Pompey had their hopes raised then dashed, even better than a comfortable 2-0 win in hindsight!

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Massive 3 points - which is the most important thing.

Unlike others, I don’t think we were that bad first half. If you go in 0-0, which we would have if it wasn’t for a flukey deflection, then you’d say it was ok for a first half and we never looked in any danger. Obviously we weren’t at our best but I’d say it was pretty average rather than poor.

Second half we had intensity from the off and actually managed to keep the pressure up until we got the breakthrough, which I don’t think I’ve seen us do for so many ‘phases’ of play. We nearly scored 2 or 3 times just before that first goal and I just thought in classic Bolton fashion our chances were gone, but we wouldn’t let them out and looked like a team on a mission. The crowd were up and the team were feeding off it and you could see it coming - once we got one it was almost inevitable that a second was coming, we felt so dominant and it’s a sign of a good team. What a fucking pass by Sheehan though, and the finish wasn’t bad either!

Some nervy moments in the last 10 but a makeshift defence stood firm. Fair play to all of them but especially Iredale who put in a massive shift and never took a backwards step in that last 10-15 minutes - especially considering Ogbetta next to him was basically playing with 1 leg!

Coleman looked really assured with his actual keeping, and not too bad with the ball at feet to be fair - you could see he was absolutely buzzing with the reception he got at the start of the game - “he’s one of our own…” and he looked confident throughout. He was absolutely pumped at the end of the game in front of the fans too.

Dempsey class - he never stops running but was also a lot better on the ball than he has been lately.

Sheehan is a joke in these games. If you can’t mark him out of the game then he just controls everything - he was too good for them and as with other teams they just resorted to kicking him up in the air. 

Shoutout for Jones too. Typically steady and assured, it’s fucking good to have him back!

Fans class, you could hear the relief at the end and you could see what a massive result it was for the players. Massive boost going into 2 massive away games - full belief we will win on Saturday and then let’s see what we can do at Wigan off the back of 2 big wins!

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1 minute ago, captainmed said:

5 points from the next 3 will be fine.

I still think 92 points will get us up.

I don’t want to think beyond the next 10 days.

Then it’s Barnsley…..

Id take 2 dismal draws or pref one win, added to beating cambridge

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2 minutes ago, Casino said:

Id take 2 dismal draws or pref one win, added to beating cambridge

As long as we can keep these little runs going with an av of 2 points a game over the 4 or so then we’ll be fine.

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By far the better team in both halves tonight, but second half shows how dangerous we are with a bit more movement and a higher passing tempo.

Sheehan was absolutely class, and he was finding space as Dempsey was dragging their defence and midfield all over the place. 

Their goal was fortunate, but probably avoidable without a slack pass from Maghoma, although possibly a slip and then a fortunate deflection. 

There will be some tired legs in that Cambridge team tomorrow. 

Hopefully a confidence boost going into the weekend and realisation of how we need to start games. With key players returning, need to build some momentum on the back of this.

Come On!!



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On Coleman, his performances/confidence have been overly criticised prior to tonight, and overly praised tonight.  He did little wrong on Saturday although he might have saved the 2nd, but whether he should or not isn't down to "confidence", just ability. 

Tonight he did nothing that any keeper in any division wouldn't have done, caught a few routine crosses and had nothing else to do except one routine 1st half save.  He's fine, he isn't a problem, its just he isn't Baxter so we aren't going to come away saying the keeper has saved us today like we did v Barnsley.  But nothing wrong with his handling or confidence in any game that I've seen.

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