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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Bolton v Blackpool


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10 minutes ago, radcliffe white said:

Reflections for this as he rammed everywhere

no doubt usual incompetent policing by GMP at the train station afterwards 

We are also in Reflections. I get the 6.15 train as the station is a lot quieter and you sometimes get a seat. 

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2 hours ago, Biggish Dave said:

While it is a Derby geographically and I know the older boys and Gonzo see things differently, they aren't and never will be a rival to me.

Blackburn, Burnley and Preston are rivals as far as I'm concerned but that has more to do with being Blackburn born and bred I suppose (though with Bolton DNA so the correct number of toes and fingers)

No biggie for me neither, just another opportunity for 3 points, and I don’t care where they come from.

Win all our aways and draw our homes for example and we’ll be somewhere near the automatics come the end.

The great away form has afforded us a small slip up today in the form of a draw.

That said a home win would be important against a rival of sorts and in front of a big crowd, where we generally under achieve.

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5 hours ago, barrycowdrill said:

They didn’t see it as a derby they saw it more as an occasion and one of the benefits of getting promoted. An away day at a big boy, former premiership team, new ground, somewhere they hadn’t been before. Yes geographically it’s one of their closer games but still 2hrs away

Just under 50% of their home attendance turned out not because of any history or hatred but because they wanted to watch their little old club play at somewhere like ours. 

Carlisle fans see that trip as one of their top 3 ever. Tells you everything 

That was my impression, a woman I know through work lives near Carlisle, she's only been to a couple of home games ever but came here with her husband, he had to explain to her after the game to "keep her head down and walk", she didn't have a clue why, then came across a mob of Bolton being rather unfriendly.  She was puzzled why they couldn't just congratulate them on their win!  It was just a day out for many of them.

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3 hours ago, Wanderlust said:

The intense rivalry between us and Blackpool has been largely forgotten but for older folk, we can't forget the cup final debacle and they can't forget that we murdered one of their fans.

I was there that day along with a few thousand others and we didn’t murder anyone. It was a lunatic with a knife who served time and left a family grieving. 

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4 minutes ago, Moots said:

I was there that day along with a few thousand others and we didn’t murder anyone. It was a lunatic with a knife who served time and left a family grieving. 

Totally agree but it's a "moot" point in the context of how some Blackpool fans viewed it. There was a lot of ill will for a long time. Unrelated probably, but they bricked the team coach on one occasion.

The murder was brought up in my conversations with Seasiders this week so it's clearly something that some people wrongly ascribe to "Bolton fans" as opposed to one loony.

That said, it's not as though we didn't have fans who were looking for trouble back in those days

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