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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Exeter (H).


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Maghoma seems to be a booking every other game. Similar to Thomason.

He needs to calm that down. Only he can prevent the silly ones.

As we know, the collection is wiped clean after about mid-season but we're a good few games from that.

I get being tempted not to pick him to save a suspension for the two major opponents but, for me, it's too far away to play that game.

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14 minutes ago, Casino said:

Thomasson was booked in the most recent game

I thought it was harsh

Yes forgot he was the only player booked in the Stockport game.  Don't think it counts towards his league tally.  He's on 6 in the league.

Think he got away with one against Shrewsbury.

 Match 19 is the cut off for a one match ban for 5 cards, so Maghoma's got to avoid one in the next 3 games.

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We've had a big purple patch, strung together wins and clean sheets and looked decent doing it. Then there was an international break with players scattered hither and thither. Can we come back and pick up the threads of it all again? If we can then the team has a great culture and good habits and they're powerful things when you're targeting the top two in a 24 team league. 

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1 hour ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

I've been thinking that not all the top three will win this weekend.

No specific reason, just a feeling.

Only twice this season all 3 of Bolton, Oxford & Pompey have won on the same weekend.  12th August and 30th Sep, so every chance it won't happen this week either, we just have to do our bit.

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11 hours ago, Krimzon said:

Their fans have already given up :



This made me giggle :

I've heard Bolton have requested a postponement of the game until they have time to fit a scoreboard that goes past 10 !

And this: "I just can't see us scoring and Bolton getting anything less than 3 goals - but lets be positive and just say a 3-0 loss"

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flashbacks to the last time we entertained Exeter

biggest crowd stood outside the ground during covid expecting to clinch promotion, fucking it up, then it all kicking off

hoping to avoid a repeat

5-0 @ 33/1

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