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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Exeter (H).


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48 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

Chuffed for Dan, was a really intelligent run and nifty finish. His celebration would have done wonders for his GPS stats too 🤣

At the full time whistle he went down on his knees, arms up thanking his god. Then he stood up and put the shirt over his face. Really emotional stuff.

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18 minutes ago, Cheese said:

He really does. I know it's only 1 goal, but I'm absolutely made up for him. Just watched his post-match interview on WanderersTV. "It was emotional. I've been waiting for it... I have to give it to the gaffer how much patience he's had with me. Honestly it's got to a point now with the gaffer that he's more than a manager to me." 😢

Fantastic this.

Lets get behind this lad.


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8 minutes ago, Alf Hartigan said:

Never seen a side give up the ball so easily time and time again, How good were we or how bad were they?

We'll find out in the next two games.

Noticed it in the first 5 minutes. Santos intercepted a through ball near our touch line, and their forward (Diabate?) just immediately gave up and turned around as though it had gone out for a goal kick. He was only a couple of yards away. Even our fans were calling him a lazy bastard.

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