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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Prison sentences

Big E

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28 minutes ago, DirtySanchez said:

In my Norfolk days went to a party and had to drive there 

Really didn't intend staying long but took a bottle of wine to be nice 

Stayed longer than expected, noticed someone had swipped the wine 

So nicked a bottle of Pimm's

I really don't recommend necking a bottle of Pimm's

Slept in my car thinking nothing of it 

Sore back and fucked head the next morning 


Dirty's Norfolk party days


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1 hour ago, fatolive said:

True that, mate of mine got done for sleeping in the back of his van when he had no digs . He was in charge of the vehicle and above the  limit . 

not sure how that works if you are in a camper van on holiday like but iys what happened to him 

Aye, neighbour when I lived in Bolton got done for being asleep in his car when pissed. Exact same reasoning. In control of it

I do worry about the next morning thing. Especially up in Scotland where the limit is lower

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37 minutes ago, DirtySanchez said:

And Crawley 

Lifestyle choices aren't your strong point 

Why do you think my username is Not in...couldn't wait to leave.

Its not lifestyle I'm afraid - moved for work and in the arts you tend to have to keep shifting around places to climb the experience pole - one was for work in Chichester, one for a job in Cambridge.

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1 hour ago, L/H White said:

Naughty from GMP this. That isn't a woman, it's trans. Naomi is actually called Nathan, and they've turned the comments off 



When they say "a man and a woman have been sentenced" do they mean one person or two?

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48 minutes ago, Zico said:

Some incredible quotes

'It was my job to feed the calves, I'd feed them twice a day. They would be fine when I left them at night and then I would find them ill in the morning and struggling to breathe.

I thought they had pneumonia so I was trying to treat them for that but it was actually because he was strangling them with his belt.'


'He is living with his mother, but there is the possibility of him moving in with his girlfriend, who has been a very supportive person.'

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1 hour ago, Zico said:

Got no problem with them 

Probably indirectly responsible for lots of murders, attempted murders, shootings, crimes etc

But directly responsible for a lad doing the worm at our Xmas works do on Thursday then telling the MD he thought he was “the best” with a molten blob of coke hanging from his nostril.

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