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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Harrogate H

little whitt

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1 hour ago, captainmed said:

Surely JDB will start at Pompey now? 

Obviously I'm a big fan of his but even I would say today was irrelevant, he could have scored 8 v Harrogate (or Man U kids, Solihull or weakened Stockport/Port Vale teams.  It means nothing in terms of who is going to do the job IE wants done in a league game at Pompey.

Morley was my MOTM today, like a metronome with his control and passing, but again zero chance of him starting at Pompey, assuming no injuries.  Different games entirely.

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Harrogate were shite, we didn't need to get out of 2nd gear for much of it but we did play some decent stuff at times.

Last weeks goal has done Dan the world of good and hopefully today helps him push on again.

Nice routine win and no injuries by the looks of it. Good day at the office

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4 minutes ago, Casino said:

No chance

After that game and performance from JDB I’m swaying from one side to the other now on JDBs status in the squad.

First of all IE has done a fantastic job gradually bringing him back while we’ve been in good form - clear to see he has championship quality, he does things the others don’t, so at some point in the next month I’d like to see him start in a league game. He’s fit and ready now IMO.

But then my argument up till now has been, why change? So I’m certainly not going to completely flip my opinion  and I’ll be fine if it’s one of the others supporting Charles.

Cant have a discussion on the forwards without mentioning Dan, very impressive today, that turn of pace for JDBs 2nd was great to see 👏

But it was fucking freezing today, that was up there with some of the 90’s nights at an arctic Burnden

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19 minutes ago, jmjhb said:

Great work from Dan for the 2nd, 4th and 5th.

Absolutely appalling defending for their goal!

The defending bit was done adequately. The passing out once the ball was won was the poor bit.

Obviously we don't want to see such errors, bit that crisp passing and movement is what we're doing well regularly at the moment. 

Not going to go overboard about it- Jones (I think) will know he cocked up, but that's as far as they need to go. 

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Didn’t get out of second gear and we probably got a bit sloppy at times but still played some great stuff and all of the changes performed well.

Was a bit weird hearing Evatt on Radio Manchester post-match, gushing over meeting Phil Brown for the first time, but Brown was keen to point out that playing JDB means Charles dropping deeper and that the two best players don’t always make the partnership which is obviously something IE is keen on, too.

Traffic was a dream with a shit crowd on and all 😃

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2 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Levels dropped off a touch after all the subs?


Last half hour was the dullest half hour of football since the dullest hour of football v Barrow in the league cup.  An exercise in training, avoiding injury and giving "minutes" to subs.  Did Charles touch the ball?  I don't think the ball was ever that far up the pitch.

First hour was decent entertainment, some great moves and good performances from Dempsey, Morley, Dan, Bod, Jones in particular.  Williams strolled through the game doing the safe pass to a white shirt, or to a yellow shirt, he didn't seem to mind which and looked relieved to get subbed early 2nd half.  Hopefully Iredale keeps his place at Pompey.

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