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Where will we finish


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15 minutes ago, L/H White said:

the top 2 has long gone 

our stats against the top 6 over the last 3 seasons are terrible 

we still have to play, Pompey, Barnsley, Derby, Stevenage and Posh

strong possibility we vanish out of the playoffs to

Said pretty much in Barnsley thread


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On 02/01/2024 at 22:29, Mantra said:

Bad feeling currently that it will be playoffs again.

Tough run at end of Feb, Blackpool and Wigan away back-to-back. Then in March - Barnsley, Derby and Stevenage away.


Those two runs of fixtures are definitely capable of being season-derailers.

Sorry to be negative - hopefully we batter them all, especially the local derbies. :D


revisiting my post from early january.

12 games left to go on a good run to propel us into the auto spots seems unlikely now given that we have to play all of the other current top 7 teams

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1 hour ago, burnden said:

Are we winning 9 of these fixtures?


Cambridge H

Barnsley A

Exeter A

Oxford H

Derby A

Shrewsbury H

Stevenage A

Reading H

Bristol A

Pompey H

Port Vale H

Peterborough A 


we will win all 11


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2 hours ago, radcliffe white said:

From memory we made hard work of beating 10 men derby and we just about survived a late onslaught, Barnsley had great opportunities to beat us just poor finishing 

The Derby game was a weird one.

We were all over them for half an hour, they score against the run of play, we equalise.

On top in 2nd half until they go down to 10 and sit back - with predictable result  a bloody struggle.

Barnsley,  if they'd have got a 2nd or 3rd, our players would've been credited with assists 😆.

We'll need to buck up and show some balls, but we're capable of beating them.

Let's face it, if we want 2nd we're going to have to 

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One positive is I think we are better when chasing rather than it being in our hands.

Even Evatt said as much with his odd comments a while back.

How we’ve fucked up the position we were in is 1 thing.

More arsed about how we recover for the run in. While I’m not hopeful, we defo have an opportunity to do just this.

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2 hours ago, RUREADY2ROLL said:

2 maybe. And a couple of draws

“Maybe”2 wins - that’s just a bit silly.

I can see us winning our home games against Cambridge, Shrewsbury, Reading and Vale. Also expect at least a draw against Oxford at home. Hopefully win one of Exeter or Bristol.

I see us finishing 4th.

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We’ve fucked up how much of a shoe-in we looked at one stage, but pretty much all of the top 7 have done that at some point or another this season.

To say top two is gone when we’re level on points with a game in hand is bonkers, even when considering that Barnsley are right in the mix.

These next few are huge though, particularly Tuesday for obvious reasons. And is finally one ground where we do usually tend to do ok. 

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On 28/02/2024 at 11:18, radcliffe white said:

Said pretty much in Barnsley thread


Win the next 2 and we’re back in control with 2 points a game. 

I honestly can’t see anything on Tuesday though and if we lose there it’s the play-offs for me. Win though and I don’t think Barnsley will catch us. 

Get a good run going though towards the end of the season and we will go into the play-offs with confidence.

Still very much a lottery then though and we lack the mental strength which is the one thing you will need. 

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It’s somewhat ironic that if you read the Derby boards they bemoan the long ball system of Paul Warne and long for a more controlled passing system like ours where you wait for your chances to come. I suppose it just goes to prove that footy fans are never happy especially when you consider that both they and ourselves are joint second despite the different styles. 😁

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For me, it all still there in front of us to get top 2, despite this last week which we're all down in the dumps about.

We've had shit luck with injuries but we've got enough to put a run together. 

Coleman is just fine, lads in front of him need to do their job first and foremost.

These 12 games will tell us a lot about the mental strength of the players and coaching staff.


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11 hours ago, jayjayoghani said:

You know what he means Micky 🙂

Well, I thought I did until you posted that. I assume “The last time Bolton got promoted…” meant just that.

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Sky bet is all over the place in terms of favourites 

For the title they have Pompey, Bolton, Derby, Barnsley, Peterborough 

For automatic promotion they have Portsmouth, Bolton, Barnsley, Derby, Peterborough

For promotion they have Portsmouth, Bolton, Peterborough, Derby, Barnsley 

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21 hours ago, L/H White said:

Still can't have us going up automatically unfortunately


Yesterday was one of those games we knew we'd win, barring a sending off etc.  We've got 2 more of those to go - Port Vale & Shrewsbury, we'll win at half pace.  Next level up Exeter & Bristol away, Reading & Oxford home - not gimmes by any stretch, but if we drop points its not happening is it?  That leaves Barnsley, Derby, Stevenage, Pompey (leaving last game of season at Posh out of it for now).  We need to be winning not only the "easier" 6 but at least 2 of those 4, and really only losing one.  If we lose on Tuesday we've no more margin for error at all, but if we win it could be a game changer for how we perceive the run in.

And we can't afford one stupid sending off or biased game changing ref performance either.

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I accept Cambridge were poor on Saturday and it’s hard to judge exactly how good our performance was but the missed chances at Blackpool really cost us along with the sending off but it shouldn’t overlook how well we played and certainly on Tuesday I still can’t see how we didn’t beat Wigan, we were far the better team.

We really don't seem to have had the rub of the green like others have. Take Pompey yesterday, Oxford had two off the post first half and how many late savers and pens have Pompey had? I really don’t see either Barnsley or Derby as anything like unbeatable for us if we turn up and for once take the chances we get. Surely we can’t keep missing sitters can we? Get Dion back and AC now firing and we’ll do both this time and make up for last week. 🙂

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