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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Where will we finish


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5 hours ago, Popeye doyle said:

Let’s get Vic, Charles and Baxter back and playing before the playoffs and get them match fit.

The playoff semis are a minefield but if we get to the final, I think on a big Wembley pitch we will beat anybody.

I agree I'd rather play a Peterboro or Barnsley over 1 game than 2, but not sure how Wembley would improve our defending.  If for arguments sake yesterday's game had been at Wembley, the same scenario would have played out, with them letting us have the ball, defending deep and with physicality, and then nicking a goal from poor defending of a corner.  Of course anything can happen in a one off game and I'd go there full of optimism and dread in equal measure, but not sure Wembley would make us better at shooting and defending?

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32 minutes ago, ErnestTurnip said:

I wouldn't be surprised if we go up as champions on goals scored just to fucking annoy everyone.

Can you imagine. The team with 6 strikers who aren’t good enough 🤣

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It’s easy to say this about every fixture coming up, but I genuinely think this Friday is make or break in setting the tone for top 2 battle.

The Derby result has put us back in the mix and we simply have to take the opportunity. Us, Posh and Barnsley will be looking at the international break as a  chance to reset and we need to come out firing.

Posh and Barnsley have home games that look easy on paper, so we need to keep that gap. 

Derby don’t have the easiest of games with their injuries and if they don’t get 3 points, control of the top 2 spots would slip out of their hands - potentially to 3 teams.

If we can get 3 points it’s a massive momentum shift and I’d really fancy our chances of a top 2 spot. But short of that I’d be resigned to the play offs.

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1 hour ago, Johnnyrotten said:

I'd agree with that, Friday is a huge game.  We could be 7 points adrift and in 5th position if we lose, or we could be in pole position for 2nd.  Massive.

I love games and occasions like this. Glad I’ll be there 👏👏

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