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10 hours ago, only1swanny said:

Some absolute moon man esque comments on here.

Evatt should go: I'm assuming that's the alcohol, we get rid of him the way things are, we may as well shut shop. 3rd in the league ffs. Plymouth are a juggernaut that isn't being stopped. Potentially 4 teams that could still hit 100 points with 15 to go (early morning so may have worked that out wrong). 

Coleman: Baxter is ace, goalkeepers are rarely injured, so we have a backup that will hardly play. Trying to find a keeper who's happy to sit on the sidelines knowing he's there incase shit happens is a rarity. We don't pay silly money, so can't have a "Scott carson" type. And he's a much safer pair of hands than last season. 

The combination of having 4 defenders out,(one carrying am injury) a keeper and the most grueling run of games I can remember is taking its toll. 

Churn these out and still be 2nd/3rd and then sprint one the players get their recovery rest. 

And if we miss promotion, its really not the end of the world, because we'll go up when we're ready. 

Exactly and that is after a draw. we are all impatient as fans but sometimes it is best to take a philosophical view and get behind them. 

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