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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Wigan Athletic (A)


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27 minutes ago, Duck Egg said:

The one game I said at the start of the season I was happy to miss.  I hate going there and certainly don't want to give them any of my hard earned.  I'll probably be having a wobble the day before though.

My feelings exactly. I hope we sell out or i'll probably make a last minute decision to go.

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1 minute ago, Lostock Whites said:

I've never ever seen us win at this shithole, the last result was the first time I'd seen us not lose with Bod scoring a last minute equaliser.

I want to go see us win there and never ever go again, fucking hate that place.

Never seen us win here either 

Best was a draw, but it was in the league cup, and we lost on pens

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Actually thinking about it was another draw when tom walker score and they got a late injury time equaliser so felt like a defeat 

And seen 3 actual defeats 

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4 minutes ago, Casino said:

poss andranik game was our only win?

Coyle won there in our relegation season

And the season before in our cup run to Wembley 

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2 minutes ago, tshape said:

It's about time we properly turn up there and completely outclass them.

Do an Allardyce and instruct all the players to take a day off and not have a shower or a shave, and arrive at the stadium in boots and kit.

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11 minutes ago, gonzo said:

I do not remember these.


Rep Coker, NGog and Eagles scored in the win at their place early in the season

When we came to play them at ours, it was during the "why aren't you playing muamba in a 4-5-1 when that's proved to get us better results" phase 

He said he chose to play 4-4-2 at home (where we lost) that he opted to do so because we'd played it at their place and won 

I.e. it had got to the point where he had to justify playing 4-4-2 

It was not a question of the formation being at fault, said Coyle, somewhat testily, when questioned about his decision to play 4-4-2 with Kevin Davies recalled up front alongside David Ngog.

"It's not about tactics, it's about players, and the bottom line is we can't expect to play for 30 minutes in the Premier League and expect to win games. Having said that we very nearly did because after we levelled we were the team in the ascendancy – and still playing 4-4-2, the same shape as earlier in the game.

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Exciting one for some of our fans. Hopefully we go and get the win as they are shite and inconsistent.

I have this as a draw and Blackpool as a defeat as I can’t see us changing old habits soon. Anything above that is a bonus. I’d take beating Blackpool at Bloomfield over this though.

We need to bank the points for Charlton and Cambridge and cushion the drop in these games.

Out. Couldn’t pay me to go to Wigan anymore.

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