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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Stevenage (A)

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20 minutes ago, BeeversLeftPeg said:

Full allocation of 1384 tickets received.

On sale 10am tomorrow - 24 quid.

Another mad scramble in the morning?

Definitely a scramble, but the voucher we got at Exeter for 9.00am access to tickets will help.

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11 minutes ago, L/H White said:

in for this

good friday, so assume trains will be a shit show

Nearly £80 from Macclesfield so if I get a match ticket using my two Cambridge vouchers I'll drive down.

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40 minutes ago, captainmed said:

They will go but will it be within a couple of minutes?

Cant see it personally. 

Tbf your track record on these predictions has been very poor 😂


After we sold more for Blackpool in the pizza cup than we did for 3rdv4th at Barnsley I am not going try and guess demand for a Friday bank holiday game but we have one of our young uns on the job. 

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2 hours ago, Leyther_Matt said:

Fully expecting these to go quickly with it being school holidays and a new tick for people, never mind the potential importance of the game

Whether we finish 7th or 8th ? 

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5 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

Sold out

Looks like I got in just in time. I got giddy last night and bought at half time. 

5-0 win works wonders eh. 

In + a mini bus of 15 🍻

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