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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Stevenage (A)

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2 hours ago, woolli said:

This lot only won 2 in the last 10,  1 in the last 6, lost 3 of their  last 6 homes games, scoring only 4 goals in those 6 home games. It’s got to be 3 points hasnt it? Cant see the other teams around us dropping points today. If ever there was a " must win" game, this is it!

Totally agree.

I think we will grind it out today.

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6 minutes ago, desperado said:

Traffic not a problem at all. Got down in just over 3 hours setting off at 8. Few beers in now. COYWM 👏

Trains the same. Half 8 at Bolton. 12 at Stevenage. 

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1 minute ago, masi 51 said:

Here should....cannot defend that

Well bods had enough chances to prove he's fucking cack when he starts.

Plus we have another game on Monday.

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3 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

Perhaps Bod has a niggle?

Another game Monday too.

Little options for change up front.

Talksport have chosen us as their focused game in league one.

Nah we've all got to be outraged before a balls kicked.

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Just now, Arrested development said:

Bod has been shit. Can't score. He's basically a younger version of Jerome at this point. Just as long as we don't hoof it all game to him we will be reet. 

Think it will be good. Bod is weak as piss and these are a physical team.

Collins be all over em with Jerome's link ups.

Bod on at 70 to cause havoc.

We've got 3 fit strikers and there's no goals in any of them so it's pretty much tough shit.

What do we want Evatt to do? Magic a 30 goal striker out of his arse?

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