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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

The Final


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I agree Santos and Toal fucking about but absolutely no movement at all. They just sit deep and mark our men and know the spaces we looking to create. They don't give a fuck about us have the ball at the back.

Yet again another manager with an ounce of tactical nous makes Evatt look a fool.

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1 minute ago, wiggy said:

90th minute and Toal and Santos will still be passing it between themselves. Absolutely pathetic 

It’s just good tactics from Oxford blocking the passes to midfield and forcing them to hoof it long where their big defenders are waiting to clear up. Toal and Santos have nothing on.

If we push more men forward Oxfords wide men will have a field day on the break.

Have to stop Branagan and Rodriguez dominating midfield 

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The midfield specifically Maghoma and Sheehan has been a  disgrace that first half, Oxford simply wanted it more than they did.

And the 3 centre backs passing it about amongst themselves is exactly what Oxford want them to do.


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1 minute ago, TroySwoosh said:

If the midfield/strikers actually showed some movement then they wouldn't be pissing about at the back

There was a moment about half an hour in when Maghome dropped deep, then dragged them to one side before switching to the other, and we suddenly started playing

But it didn't happen before and hasn't happened since 

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Sheehan is doing nothing. Standing 5 yards behind Harris to effectively mark himself out of the game . Having said that Santos worst game Ive seen.  

Maghoma looking like the only one with any urgency. Tomo losing his cool , Cogley, Charles and collins not had a pass . 

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3 minutes ago, bolty58 said:

We haven't turned up. No idea and worst of all no fight. That little cunt Brannagan is niggling and up to the usual shithousery and it looks like we are just going to take it all day without offering any sort of resistance.

Hoping for a minor miracle which we have performed before.

I never agree with Bolty but I do now. 

Praying for the miracle but expecting years of Evatt to change it in 15 minutes is too much I fear.

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Just now, wakey said:

Fat lass is gargling but it int over yet.

Due a big half. Hope it's enough.

Seriously? You’d back this bunch to come back against a very disciplined Oxford? I hope you’re right but doubt it. I can see us conceding more yet than getting them back. They just look lost, not a clue.

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