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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

I nearly didn't fcuk up

Guest squidgy66

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Guest squidgy66
it was nice to see you on thursday.hope you got back ok apart from looseing youre bag.

i ended up in a bit of a mess.

shame we couldn't win for all our fans there yday.


Saw a bald bloke struggling with a flag by the ground - "there's only one Nigy wotsit" Pillock couldn't speak - Berty was a coherent legent :D

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Guest squidgy66



That fcuking Boollabassse fish stew - shite

H sticking his bum in mi face

Losing mi bag





Kissinig Mr Nolan snr

Getting Nobby's/Sams agent's number

Smiley and Jay falling on there arse playing football in the square

Oli getting nicked (fcuking ledgend)

That lad climbing the statue and getting dragged of by OB

Widnes "OB tourettes" Hats

Biff's hair - never ceases to amaze me



:D :-$ :-({|= 8-[ :D/ :D/ :D/ :D/

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