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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Sky Plus


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Couldn't get there today due to a family commitment but Sky + the match.


Got back at 5.15 without knowing current score and watched match at x6 fast forward, its brilliant, no shite commentary, no boring passages of play like waiting 45 seconds for Campo to trot over to take a throw in, then if summat looks interesting press play and watch that little bit, its brilliant dont know why I never done it before.


But the best thing it is I watched the game in about 25 minutes missed nothing and felt quite pragmatic about letting in a last minute goal in!!! Which is not like me at all so my LCD telly lives to see another day!!.


Therefore if you have high blood pressure or a dodgy ticker watch the match like this and live longer!!!


On a more dour note even at super speed Nolan looked slow!! :nea: Great goal though.

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