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No Ticket, So Madrid End Roll Call


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Guest squidgy66
I've heard that BWFC are ensuring that anyone without tickets will be prevented from leaving the country.


I've heard that Col will be prevented from leaving the country with or without a ticket due to his recent spate of dodgy hair cuts

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Nothing on the web site, still says sold out.


Ok then which end are we going in, might as well try & get in the same one


Don't go in the South Stand, that's where their Ultras hang out. This is the link for tickets:




Just click the 'English' button top right of screen.

Then click the 'Internet' link.


Then click 'BOLTON F.C. 20:45 - Buy tickets'.

Then click 'Continue'.

The rest is self-explanatory.


They don't deliver the tickets via courier like Bayern did but you can pick them up at a 'ServiCaixa' (Ticket Outlet) in Madrid.


Click on 'Collecting tickets' link at the top of the page.

Click on 'Localizador de terminales ServiCaixa' link for a list of outlets (there's one on the Gran Via)


Good luck!

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