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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Whats You Pet Gripes

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People who drive in the middle lane on motorways instead of moving left after overtaking - I would have them shot!

Probably related to the people who stick at a steady 70 in the outside lane and won't move over.


The British in general must be the worst motorway drivers in the world.


Not close, you should try driving in and around Houston ... its like the wacky races

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Twats who dont indicate at roundabouts, they seem to congregate at Middlebrook for some reason. Oh and while were are on the subject of roundabouts and Middlebrook, if you are in the left hand lane of the roundabout where the cop shop is, you cant turn fucking right!

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People who park right in the middle of a space that could easily accommodate 2 cars.


People who take umbrage at you parking outside their house - in fact the whole NIMBY attitude.


The pack mentality


The sheep mentality


People who try and rip you off


Bad manners in general


Rubbish customer service from big companies that should know better (are you lsitening BT?)


NIMBY = Not in my back yard, I think it is ok to object when someone parks there without asking.


I also hate pedantic people.




Was going to say rascists but ignorant people generally.


Politicians (run this poll again next month and this will be top of everyones list)


Mark Clattenberg = wig wearing cunt.

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Sod dog muck, horse shit is the worst. How is there a law against dogs turding but the courtesy isn't extended to horses/horseriders.


Fuck it, horses full stop.


Horse shit isn't full of the same bacteria, germs etc that dog shit contains.


just chuck it on yer flower bed and quit whinging.

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People who smoke in front of their kids. Seems to happen a lot with unaccompanied Mums in tracksuits in town centres in the middle of the day for some reason


Chris Moyles, who should have been smoked in front of when he was a baby


The banal, empy headed pointless nothingness of The One Show or 'The Nothing's On Show' as I prefer to call it. And all wimmin love it.

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