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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

Nat Lofthouse OBE - RIP

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Guest Newquaywhite

So very sad to hear this tonight.


As a lad i was told so many stories. These kinda stories really cement ones affintiy for a club.


Rest in peace Sir Bolton Wanderers.

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Guest Ray LFC

Before my time but his name is synonymous with football and he is a true legend of football. RIP Nat and best wishes to Bolton for the rest of the season.

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Guest newquaywhite

I dont know how to start a campaign.


However, how about everyone, whoever attended a BWFC match home or away-and- people of Bolton many of whom would have been touched by our greatest ambassador ALL attend en masse in AND around the ground next weekend.



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I walked into my mum and dads bedroom about 17 years ago and my dad was on the phone to Nat trying to sort me being a mascot at Burnden, Suc h a down to earth man and Bolton through and through a real gent.


A sad day for our club and for football


R.i.p Nat x

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I could just "run, shoot and head." And a bit more than that I think!




Such a humble opinion of himself. Sounds very much like those who have met the great man and have told me about him. My dad was lucky enough to see him at Burnden twoards the end of his career. Told me many times how good he was. I've said for a number of years, if I could meet any one man and shake his hand it would be Nat.


One club man, and for that I am very grateful.


R.I.P. Nat.

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Guest ichart56


thank you for everything

Player - the best for Bolton and England

Coach - gave your best

Manager - gave us belief when times were difficult

President - Established our status a FOUNDER MEMBERS OF THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE


And Finally

Thank you and good night god bless


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Guest Breightmet Boy

On holiday in Adelaide and very sad to hear the news.

A true servant to the club at all levels and a true Bowtoner.

Met him on a couple of occasions, a lovely bloke.

Should've been knighted years ago!

RIP Sir Nat

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